Gender: Female
Race/Species: Human
Age: Approximately 20. Unknown
Alignment: NG
Class/Profession: Zombie hunter
Power Rating: D+
Description: Mousey, at first glance. Extremely tough, though. She looks like the kind of person who's been through hell and back and survived, but only just. Wears shorts, a t-shirt, and combat boots. Also, an extremely old and beat up jacket, riddled with pockets containing all sorts of relics of her zombie-hunting days. She has rather short, spiky hair.
Personality: Chumley is quiet. A bit inquisitive, but still cautious. She's quite pessimistic, nihilistic; shooting your family after they've been infected by zombies will do that to you.
Equipment: A vast array of weapons, most of which reside in her room above Trog's. She always carries her crowbar with her, though.
Abilities: Chumley is a mundane human. She's good at breaking things with crowbars, being dead silent, and running away, but not much else.
Backstory: Chumley was one of the last survivors of her zombie-infested world. One day, she found herself in Nexus, in the distant village of Duskgrove. Since then, she's attempted to adjust to life without the constant threat of you and your loved ones getting eaten.