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    Faction Profile: Goblins of Underside

    Leader: Goldbaka Flatnose has been chosen as the Big Boss of the Khrazkaiada Colony. Her adjutant is Gratznuk Stonehead. He severs as her right hand and leader of the military.
    General Information: The goblins, having been living in Inside for some time, now moved to the eastern caverns of Underside. They built a colony from scratch there and plan to make an impact on the underground world. Thousands of goblins live or plan to live there.
    Equipment and Resources: The goblins have entrenched themselves in the eastern tunnels and estabilished a functioning infrastructure. The colony is heavily industrial and the goblins keep producing various machines. They have a limited military force, mostly composed of mercenaries, but are working on expanding it. A few species of underground animals are kept in the colony.
    Goals: Now that they've estabilished the colony, the goblins plan on making sure noone troubles them and, perhaps, becoming an important political force in the Underside.

    Racial Description:

    Since the goblins inhabiting Underside differ somewhat from other goblins that may be encountered in the Nexus, here's a description of their racial traits:
    Origins: The goblins of Underside come from a small, gloomy, unnamed world inhabited by several other sentient races and characterized by things like lack of gods - not that the mortals are aware that their prayers go essentially unheard - low level of magic and the general low profile of supernatural occurences.
    On that world, they inhabit underground caves in most mountain ranges. However, some claim that they actually evolved on the plains before moving underground. More on that later.
    Physical description: Those goblins are small - very rarely reaching 130 centimeters or more. Their bodies are out of proportion when compared to humans; their legs are short but their feat large and their arms are too long compared to their bodies. Their skin can have various shades of brown and gray - it seems to depend on the enviroment. The gray color is more prevalent in colonies deeper underground that have less contact with the surface. The goblins' eyes are red, orange, yellow or anything in between. Their pupils are narrow and cat-like; they widen in the dark. As a result, they have very good darkvision - they'e able to see perfectly in dim light and get by in total darkness. However, it also renders them vulnerable to bright light.
    Probably the most distinguishing feature of the goblins are, of course, their ears and teeth. Their ears are quite big indeed, taking many shapes. Naturally, it gives them excellent hearing. As for the teeth, they're all pointy and sharp to a varying degree. All goblins have long fangs in their lower jaws that stick from under their lower lips.
    Psychological traits: As with most sentient species, it's not as easy as it seems to pin some types of behavior on goblins. In general, however, goblins tend to have a keen survival instinct - as in, they're cowards - and a pack instinct - they tend to stick to their own and become nervous when separated from other goblins among non-goblins. When among their own, however, they have a tendency to bicker and argue a lot, often just for the sake of arguing. Finally, goblins tend to be quite clever and intelligent.
    Biology: Goblins have some biological traits that deserve mentioning. First, they're highly resistant to toxins, as a result of their diet. Furthermore, they have two livers.
    Reproduction: Goblins reproduce like all other humanoid races. Their rate of reproduction is fairly quick - pregnancy lasts eight months and twins or even triplets are common. They can interbreed with their cousins, hobgoblins, giving life to hybrids known as hoblins. However, such unions are rare and have little chance of producing a child, so hoblins are uncommon.
    History: Like with most sentient species on their homeworld, the origins of the goblin race are lost in the murky depths of history. As far as goblins are concerned, they have always lived underground, but it's not true, as some realize - they used to live on the plains and be one race with the hobgoblins, their bigger and more savage cousins. As some point, the proto-goblin race split into two subraces and the small, nocturnal one that would later become known as goblins left for the mountains. The relation of the both races to orcs, who're also a goblinoid race, is unknown.
    The goblins were relatively unimportant race for much of their earlier history; overlooked by everyone but the dwarves. This changed when the humans from the central plains spread across the continent and subjugated all cultures they came across, human and non-human alike. Most goblin territories were placed uner the rule of the newfounded Empire of Mankind and while all non-humans were downtrodden there, goblinoids had it even worse - hobgoblins and orcs were hunted like animals and goblins were treated like vermin or slaves.
    When the Empire of Mankind was crumbling and cracking around the edges, various goblin tribes under their rule rebelled, like other subjutaged cultures. It got especially bad in the northern territories, where goblins, led by a visionary leader, joined the genocide of Imperial citizens later known as the Harrying of the North.
    After the Empire crumbled and fell, the goblins began rapid expansion, settling new territories and estabilishing full-fledged nations. Since then, they've become major forces in some regions, especially the north.
    Culture: Goblin cultures are, as is natural, shaped by their experiences and environment. On the whole, they tend to be insular and shut-in, not interacting with othr species more than it's necessary. Goblins also tend to be convervative, prudish and patriarchal.
    As for administration, the goblins gather in colonies, which are somewhere between city-states and nations. A colony is a network of caves and tunnels stretching under one or moe mountains.
    Racial relations: Various sentient races of the goblins' homeworld aren't exactly fond of each other, and the goblins are no different. They bear a grudge against the humans for the Empire, like other non-humans. They have a vitrolic, long-lasting and occasionally bloody feud with the dwarves that most likely started as a simple conflict over resources. They have an enimity with fey, partly due to their lack of respect for natural resources and partly due to some other, strange reasons, which can lead to conflict with elves depending on the deals and bargains a particular group of elves has with the local elemental spirits.
    Technology: During the last few centuries, the goblins have made rapid technological progress, becoming the most technologically advanced race of their homeworld, which is on the whole rather low-tech. They seem to have a natural knack for engineering, mechanics and alchemy. They especially like all kinds of incendiaries and explosives. Big goblin colonies tend to be heavily industrialized.
    Religion: There are two major goblin religions - the faith in Lord Below and in the Earth Queen.
    The religion of Lord Below is older, dating back to the days of the Empire. Lord Below is worshipped as the overlord of the goblin race and master of deep, dark places. He's silent, domineering and merciless.
    Earth Queen is very different - she's revered as a benevolent mother, nurturing her goblin children on her earthly womb.
    Apart from that, there are two minor goblin gods: Deruskar, who is a trickster god of wealth and Varmapora, a spider-goddess of death. Some goblins incorportate them into the worship of one of the two major deities.
    Notable goblins: Apart from the leaders of the Underside Colony, two notable goblina come from that group - Dipsnig Razortooth, the leader of NO and Reelshka Trollfinger, a member of the GLoG council. Lord Magtok is rumored to have goblin ancestry... but some say those are just vile rumors spready by aforementioned Razortooth.
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