Jakata Lonbei

Alias: Atalon
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Human
Age: 17
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class/Profession: Sorcerer
Power Rating: 3-4/
Description: A young, lithe woman. She has cerulean hair that is spiky and long, to her waist. Her piercing dark blue eyes seem to be both innocent and intense. She normally wears a loose white top and tight blue pants, with brown pointed shoes.
Personality: Kind of dependent on Genkai, but tries to strike out on her own a lot. Headstrong but calculating sometimes, and pretty chaotic emotionally. Angers easily, etc.
Equipment: A bag of holding with a lot of mundane things, a lot of spell components and some scrolls, a journal. She carries a quarterstaff with a small blue diagonal gem in it.
Abilities: She's a sorceress so she can cast magic, usually pretty simple stuff but can pull a big one out when she needs to. Chaotic magic that she can't control. She's an ok thief and lockpick, rogue like sort of skills.
Backstory: Coming later~
Miscellaneous: A cat! named Quis, short for Quis custodiet ipsos custodes. She's white and black. the markings seem to change every time you look at her, and Jakata tries to predict the future based on this but it hardly ever works.