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    Katherine Winslow
    Sorry for the relative seriousness of this character - but she's a pet fave of mine and I couldn't bear to change anything about her.

    Alias: The Drifter, Kate
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human.
    Age: 21
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Power Rating: C+

    Description: Since I do not think I could adequately describe Kate's outfit, I will simply give you a picture of her.
    Without her mask, Katherine is a physically fit woman with eyes which appear of a bright orange colour. Her hair is of a pale, pumpkin hue and flows in waves and curls to just between her shoulder blades.

    Equipment: Kate wears some loose steampunk technology, hand-built from the scraps of the robots from her homeworld. As well as offering minor protection, it seems to grant her enhanced speed. She has two wicked, curved daggers that are enchanted to return to her hands if thrown, and compact repair supplies in pouches at her belt.

    Abilities: With her armour pieces, she is granted enhanced speed, especially her almost superhuman running speed. Without, she posseses incredible reflexive abilities and an uncanny danger-sense. She fights fast, with the flourish of finesse about each of her arcing and twirling blows. She is good at survival with very little resources, due to her experiences on her homeworld. Without her weapons, she is still a potent martial combatant.

    Her world was ruled by a tyrant king, a man who had created clockwork machines to enforce his rule and enhance his own strength. The people were too weak to stand against him, but her brother tried anyways. Her older brother had taken the place of their long-absent parents, keeping her safe as they fled from the machines. He openly defied the king's rule, and as a result, they were hunted. One night when she was 16, he roused Kate from her sleep and told her they had to go. He quickly got her through the secret door in their hideaway, told her to run, and pushed a crate over top the trap door.

    He was killed. In her grief and rage, Kate was left to fend for herself, scrounging bits of old machine parts she could find. Years of running and hiding, years of fighting later, and at the age of 19 she became the mysterious Drifter. A renegade, fighting for the freedom of the common man. She was dangerous to the king, and each day she fought and survived his ambushes. Soon, a resistance was built around the idolization of this mysterious figure she had become, and the people began to fight back along side her. Things were looking hopeful.

    But looks can be deceiving. A being known simply as the Devourer had come to their world, eating away at the life essence it provided. Unable to allow anything - man or monster - to threaten her world, The Drifter bravely fought it alone, and after a long and hopeless battle she was almost slain - until the forces of the king arrived. He ordered them to fire, and shots rang through the air - but she was not the target. The king and his machines had put aside their feud with her, at least for now, as he helped her to her feet and assured her that he did not want to see his world devoured any more than she did.

    The battle raged longer and in a last-ditch attempt to slay the beast, The King, with his enhanced strength, lifted The Drifter and launched her high into the air towards the creature before them. In an incredible display of willpower, she withstood its attacks, climbing it until she reached its weak point and stabbed it there in the hopes of destroying it forever.

    And it was slain - but at a cost. In its death throes, it seemed to move in on itself, sucking her into a swirling vortex even as her reality shattered around her. The dimension had been lost - the world, lost. Fallen through the cracks of space-time and scattered far away. But she was not slain, and when her eyes reopened she found herself in a strange reality. Soon, there was only one thought ringing clear through her mess of emotions:

    I've already lost one world, I won't lose another. I will fight the evil here no matter the cost.

    Miscellaneous: She is faster than she is strong, but she's not weak. However, she has a strong weakness to magical attacks (due to having no ranged abilities, and not because of any magical allergy) and battles with mages or beings with otherwise strong ranged capabilities can wind down to a game of 'Who gets tired first?'.
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