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    Pathfinder CSX
    Alias: Oregon (sometimes acts strange and calls himself Neils)
    Gender: Is a robot, but takes a male personality.
    Race/Species: Model 7 MageTech Pathfinder
    Age: 22 Years
    Alignment: Tries to be good, but other people sneaking around and programming him can be a real bear to deal with.
    Class/Profession: Pathfinder droids were invented in the year 2201 to replace rogues for mages who wanted to work alone. They could also be outfitted as emergency operators (bye-bye cleric!) and combat drones (bye-bye fighter!). By the year 2235, everyone was either an arcane caster or working for one.
    Power rating: Safety overrides keep it at a 3, but it can juiced up to anything by a good programmer.
    Description: A mostly nondescript, rusted sphere about the size of a basketball made of blue-gray metal plates (the same color as K-9 from Doctor Who) floating about a meter and a half above the ground. A single round black lens on the front serves as an eye. One spindly robotic arm extends down about two feet from the middles of the bottom of the sphere, though it can be extended or shortened, and up to five can be used at once, each with a plethora of tools. Screens, scanners, extra eyes, and random deity knows what can be folded out of the sphere. It likes to wear a battered, dark green wizard hat it's kindest owner wore and defends it viciously. Has a voice like K-9 from Doctor Who
    Personality:Depends on the programming, but is currently calm and entirely unsure of what to do. The last owner somehow programmed a shaky sentience into it, and it's very...confused. It tries to be free and make its own choices like its master told it to, but still wants to help people. Doing both without seeming too careless or too subservient often makes decision making last anywhere from a minute to an hour. He also has to file certain things away in different memory cards he stores elsewhere via a multitude of magical objects and spells so that he can learn and think without overloading his hard drive.
    Equipment:Imagine someone took a college computer lab, chemistry class, physics class, and work shop, added a bunch of tech from the next 200 years of progression, rolled it into a basketball sized package, and made it capable of doing pretty much anything it's programmed to do and given tools for.
    Abilities: The aforementioned, as well any magic a skilled technomage programs into it.
    Background: Oregon was just another robot, but it went through an extensive array of wizard owners (and time! yay anomaly!) who ranged from good to bad to ingenious to criminally insane. Each has left his or her own mark somewhere deep within Oregon's programming. Its favorite was a kind gnome named Stunditt, who gave Oregon the hat and unfortunately, was killed when a spell to travel dimensions backfired and shot Oregon through time. Its least favorite? Let's just say that a certain Roderic Stillwater is lucky he died before Oregon got free choice.
    Misc: Don't ask where Neils is. Just don't.
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