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    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 19
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Thief
    Description: A young, pale, very thin human girl, with long, black hair reaching all the way down her back. She has bright blue eyes, and almost always wears her dark green cloak over her tighter, less warm clothing.


    Image thanks to the marvellous Inkscape work of Darklord Bright.

    Personality: Opportunistic and rather self-serving, but also fairly friendly and pro-active. Seems to enjoy violence, and yet avoids it whenever possible. Her personality varies wildly with her mood, sometimes even mid-conversation.
    Equipment: A warm dark green cloak, some black clothing including a tight bodice and some tighter pants, two boots, two arm braces, a curved knife, a bow and a few arrows are all the possessions you can expect to find on her at any given time. Everything else, she probably just stole, unless noted below.
    Equipment gained IC: Pale yellow fancy dress, Skinny jeans, Black top, Pale green sweater.
    Abilities: Quick but fragile would probably sum her up very easily. In a fight, she hopes to dodge long enough to either run away or stab you in the face, then steal your stuff, then run away. Capable of climbing with modest ease, and quite good at moving silently, her life as a thief has shaped her up till now.
    Backstory: Growing up in a massive city simply called "The City", Atoya was a fairly normal orphaned girl, exploring the city at nights, climbing buildings, running on rooftops. When she was fifteen, she fell ill, and the cost of her medicine drove her to use her talents and innocent looks to steal from those better off than her. Now, shaped by four years of theivery, she lives off of stealing, even enjoying it.
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