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    Alias: Isaac
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 47, looks 23
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class/Profession: "Summoner", wizard/mage/sorcerer
    Power Rating: C to B+
    Description: Sandy-haired young-looking man dressed in a billowing and folding cloak without a hood. His features are gaunt and accented, narrow and bony cheeks outlining a small and hardened face. The man's thin lips are usually set in a scowl, his nose is slightly crooked, and his eyes are two different colors: blue and green. On the back of both his hands, he has black pentacle tattoos. He also has a large pentacle tattoo on his back. There is a pentagram carved into his right wrist and lined with root: Banishment, Object 535 of 2538.
    Equipment: He has a cloak/robe with tons of pockets. Tons. In his pockets, he keeps various semi-magical items. Things like silver, vials of water and blood, holy symbols, silver sickles, an entire paint set, an ipod, cigarettes, many incenses, inks, tea leaves, ashes, guano, dirt, bottled gasses, a lighter, and tons of other various stuff. Around his neck hangs various amulets for luck, like a small silver horseshoe, rabbit jackalope's foot, four leaf clover set in amber, and a couple of pentacles also made of silver.
    A small coin with unknown markings: Trade, Object 195 of 2538.
    Abilities: His powers entirely consist of summoning creatures from other planes/worlds to fight for him. He uses pentacles to bind and control them. He generally summons demons, devils, and elementals, though other creatures, like fey things and deceased spirits, are controllable. Demons and devils, once summoned in a perfect pentacle, can be controlled no matter what and must follow his orders entirely. Elementals are less bound by his manner of summoning unless he shackles them somehow. To control them, he must exert his will over there's. This usually means he can't summon more than one at a time, or control really powerful ones.

    He has two personal "imps" serving under him at all times. One is called Grizkrilf, which looks like a miniature rotting and ugly dragon. It is bound to the pentacle tattooed onto his left hand (and will be freed if the tattoo is destroyed), and has standing orders to sit on his shoulder to guard him and warn him about any possible magical threats. His other imp, Gvirlir, is bound to his right hand and looks like a tiny dirty green human with wings and horns. It has orders to scout around new places and fetch (steal) useful things for him. Both are always invisible.

    Banishment, Object 535 of 2538, allows him to banish anyone (except himself) to Hell or Heaven, but he shouldn't abuse his power. It also means that when he dies, he will become a Shade and a Tree, the Holder of Banishment for another Seeker to eventually free.

    Trade, Object 195 of 2538. The Coin looks like any other coin of the country you are in (a dollar, a pound, a Euro) but the markings on it are of an unknown civilization, and the face it bears is that of an elven creature. When placed under the tongue it gives the gift of languages. The Coin is said to also grant the gift of understanding the languages of animals as well as humans. The Coin is even able to translate written languages, including ciphers. The language of the Objects themselves is immune to the Coin. The Coin is Object 195 of 538. Be prepared to pay the price for your prize.
    Backstory: To be added.
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