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    Rot's Amazing Characters! Kazam!

    Rot - Vampire! Rawr!

    THAT CAT - Eldritch abomination! Rawr!

    Olivia - Vampire! Meep.

    Tweetums - Orange feathered Saurornitholestes! Chirp!

    Devi - Thermomancer.

    Eig'Quzi - Well-dressed Purple People Eater. Wot wot wot?

    Ermine - Weasel-relative poirate! Y'ar!

    Zanny - Draconic bard! Hawt!

    Merrak - Drow warrior.

    Isaac - Demon summoner! Pentacles!

    SE23 - Super-soldier schoolkid! Bangbang!

    Grogorg - Big... Stone giant... Ah... Permadeadtimed.

    Lazarus P. Brown - A tiny little helper elf!
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