Alias: The Golden Hawk
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Human!
Age: 30
Class/Profession: Zenith Caste Solar Exalted
Description: See picture.
Equipment: Clothing, some money. The only thing worth pointing out is her sword, an Orichalcum Daiklave. Artifact, better than a normal sword and very hard to break.
Abilities: Zenith Caste Solar Exalted. This means that she has Exalted Powas (and as having been Exalted for ten years, isn't too bad at it) but she focuses on social abilities, with some combat abilities.
Backstory: To come.
Miscellaneous: Anything else that you wanna put down.


Gender: Female
Race/Species: Human!
Age: 11
Class/Profession: ...kid. Need I say more?
Description: Again, see picture. Should be pretty easy to tell which is which.
Equipment: Clothing! Caera has a Daiklave for her if she Exalts, but she doesn't know that.
Abilities: At present, normal kid. However, she is likely to recieve Terrestrial Exaltation at some point... in which case, we'll see.