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    Edgar Sultac

    Alias: That one creepy rat guy
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Skavid Rat Man
    Age: 34
    Alignment: NG
    Class/Profession: Paramedic and general medical scientist, ex-disease cultist
    Power Rating: 3
    Description: Imagine a were-rat's hybrid form, but a bit bulkier and with ashy gray fur. He has long whiskers, small black eyes, and a large pink nose and large pink hands and feet. His tail is long, ropy, and mostly hairless. He has scars from the diseases he handled when he was a cultist. He usually wears white hooded robes that cover most of his body and his face except for his snout. He rarely wears shoes, but when he does, their high black boots with wide bottoms to fit his rat feet. The robe has a sickly green embroidered line on it. He wears several silvery necklace chains with tiny meteorites wrapped in green fire around his neck.
    Personality: He tries to be good, but he has a tendency to be greedy and a coward. He is very violent in battle, and you really shouldn't want mercy from him, because it usually takes the form of leaving you bleeding on the ground next to a broken vial of 'magic anthrax'.
    Equipment: A pistol that looks like a scoped, green and gray gorgon pistol (gear of war 2) and several scary looking medical tools.
    Abilities: Very good aim and sneakyness, and a great immune system, but he usually avoids combat and makes for a bad meat shield.
    Backstory: Born in a disgusting underground hive like every other Skavid. Was part of a disease cult until he realized just how painful the diseases were to get (his scars) and decided to be a doctor. He's working his way up the ladder as a paramedic, because he doesn't really understand how the system works.
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