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    Garrett Everett

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Mostly human, but with more mephit than he cares to admit.
    Age: 15 Years
    Alignment: Says he's NG, but is definitely CG
    Class/Profession: Student in PACK/Arcanist/Knight-Errant
    Power Rating: I dunno. He's only 15, and relatively unprotected, but he's surprisingly vicious, doesn't feel pain caused by outside sources, and can read minds.
    Description: A ginger with hair that's usually well kept and bronze glasses. His eyes are rather large, and he is usually grinning. The below picture is his outer clothing, but he doesn't always wear his jacket and has a variety of earthy colored t-shirts with witty sayings on them. He also refuses to wear shorts other than surf shorts. He has a smirky smile, wears a golden ring with a lantern arcon circling a victorian era street lamp with emeralds set in to the lantern arcon's center. Has a black headband given to him by Charity Evans that blocks out psychic stuff, a leather conjuration magic enhancing glove given to him by Adele, and a holy bowie knife given to him by Vasilisa.

    Personality: He tries a little too hard to be witty. Loves art and magic in all their forms (except necromancy, o' course). Loves food and drink and knowledge and stuff like that, has a horrible fear of the undead and anything small enough to crawl on him without him noticing and the venom to kill him. Likes the color green. VERY VENGEFUL. VERY LOYAL.
    Equipment: School stuff and craploads of snacks and regeants. Also, a bottle that can pour any drink and 2 steins that maintain the perfect temperature for whatever drink within. Headband that negates psychic activity caused by him or used against him, holy bowie knife, and glove that empowers his conjuration spells.
    Abilities: Relatively skilled empath and arcanist.
    Backstory: Garrett is the son of Simon and Laura Everett, knights in the arcane Order of the Lantern, and the great great grandson of the infamous mephit trickster Cole the Unburdened. Being the son of two politically important figures in a society of wizards that's made an enemy of just about anyone who would abuse knowledge has led to an...interesting life. Assassination attempts, training accidents, the death of his sister Gwynneth at the hands of a starving vampire, all of these have been wiped from his mind or suppressed by a variety of charms, shrinks, and clubs to the head. Unfortunately, his abilities as an empath and a conjurer have somewhat weakened these mental 'shields'. Luckily, he still refuses to let any of the stuff he can remember get him down. He contracted a disease that causes brain hemorrhaging, but has a steady supply of iodine to treat it. A training 'accident' at his old school resulted in nerve damage, so he can't feel any pain or really much of anything else caused by touch. He knows his way around a drink thanks to several dwarven bodyguards he had when he was younger.
    Thanks to Ghar, he's now regained many of his memories, and they're a lot worse than previously thought. He went on a quest to kill the vampire who killed his sister, but was almost killed twice in the process.
    He is now a knight-errant in the Order of the Lantern, and should be receiving his commissioned armor VERY soon. He also has an awesome ring!
    Miscellaneous: Has a pet Durgit (frog head, lion mane and body, iguana legs and tail) that may or may not be able to cast spells.
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