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    Alias: Ghar

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Moon God. Takes the form of a drow vampire.

    Age: Around 1800

    Domain: Vampires, Magic, Ambition, the Moon.

    Power Rating: A+

    Description: His skin reflects his drow nature, but is considerably more pale then your average drow. His skin is wrinkled, but in a wizened way around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. His eyes are a bright, blood red, and give the impression that they don't miss much. His hair is bone white and he lets it flow freely. His fangs are quite long and are distinctly noticeable. He will always be found wearing a long black robe. Ghar is capable of taking many forms, but this is his preferred form. The on he had in his mortal life.

    Made in the CoH character creator.

    Personality: The best way to describe Ghar is that he is old. Not old as in feeble old, but old as in death was too afraid to pick him up. He is either silent and brooding, and all around uncomfortable to be with, or he is grumpy and quick to berate those who make mistakes. Commonly it is a blend of the two, exemplified by his treatment of, well, everyone. Above all he projects an aura of confidence and power. He often won't bother confronting those he deems weak or fools, so he largely avoids combat. He's driven by a desire to learn, primarily this involves learning more about magic. Power is also a motivator, but he regularly denies that. Ghar will do anything to get what he wants. A description, courtesy of Crae.

    - A spell book, bound in the skin of flayed demons. No longer needed, but it's a memento of his mortal life he is reluctant to abandon.

    Abilities: He is skilled in every form of magic, perhaps a master in most. Usually he won't have a high number of combat spells prepared in any given day. He is also a powerful mind mage, and won't usually have trouble breaking through anybody's mental resistance.

    Backstory: His backstory in full would far exceed the character limit. One of the founding members of Gul-Thadar, and already old at that point, he never had any desire to rule. He was more than happy to leave his duties to the other founders. He was content to study magic in his position as High Arch-Magi. He adopted both Serena and Gabriel when they were quite young. Nite, Adele, and Gabriel all studied under them, and he has a soft spot for them in his cold, blackened heart. He left with Gabriel for two reasons. One he grew bored of the city, and boredom leads to madness at his age.

    Miscellaneous: N/A
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