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    Adele De Luca

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Human // Vampire

    Age: 14 // Turned 14

    Profession: N/A

    Power Rating: B-

    Description: Adele was once a very pretty young girl, but when she was turned she became quite frightening. Even more so because it is clear what she used to look like. Her skin is deathly pale and her sunken eyes are pure red, even the whites. Each and every tooth in her mouth is pointed, making her unable to look anything but ferocious. Her hair is long and black. She wears the clothing she was turned in. A knee length brown skirt and a yellow t-shirt. Both bloodstained.

    Personality: Adele is slightly unhinged following her turning after the emotional trauma of witnessing her father's murder. She's susceptible to giving into her urges to feed, often becoming downright feral. She's quick to anger and is filled with a desire to avenge her father.

    - A pretty necklace with a teardrop garnet. It was a gift from her father.

    Abilities: Adele's vampiric abilities are more potent than your average vampire.

    ~Can turn into a swarm of eight over sized bats, a wolf, or a cloud of smoke at will.
    ~Has unnatural strength that exceeds that of a normal man.
    ~Can regenerate, but at a slow pace.
    ~Can suck the blood of the living by biting them, and if she drains most of their blood and puts some of her own blood into their mouth they will be turned into a vampire. If she simply drains all thei blood, they will become a mindless null, completely loyal to her. (See Miscellaneous)
    ~Can hypnotize someone if that person is weak minded enough, but only if she is able to stare them directly in the eye for about 3 seconds.
    ~Is allergic to garlic. It weakens her and makes her vomit. It won't kill her.
    ~Burns if exposed to the sun.
    ~Burns when in contact with anything holy. Only if there is a particularly strong belief in it that is close-by, so she's not going to be harmed by the "holy vampire cloak" of "hocus pocus religion on the other side of the world".
    ~Is paralyzed if a piece of wood (stake or not) goes through her heart. It won't kill her, but she won't be able to move, think, or do anything at all until some nice (re; stupid) passerby removes it.
    ~Can't enter a home uninvited.

    Backstory: There is not much to tell in Adele's backstory. She's trained in magic with Ghar since she was five. When her mom, Serena, left for the Nexus she came willingly.

    Miscellaneous: Adele is an original vampire. She does not have a sire and could become the leader of her own coven.

    Adele is often accompanied by a number of nulls. They are a type of zombie, though stronger, faster and all together ore dangerous. They are completely loyal to her and will obey her every command. When not guided by her they are mindlessly violent and hungry.
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