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    Yannovick Ventrii

    Alias: The self-proclaimed 'Blind Lord of the Sunless Sea'. Also Yann. Yann thought he'd have a pretentious title.

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Insomniac (metahuman), transitioning to Minor God. Demigod would probably be the closest approximation for quite a while yet.

    Age: 48

    Alignment: Hard to pin down. He tries to be Good, but the man does things that might not qualify as such.

    Class/Profession: Psionic Cleric/Mindform Demigod (essentially, he thinks himself into a new physical being)

    Power Rating: Scaleable, probably a C-B at the moment. Maybe a low B.

    Description (human): A little stocky, average height, middle-aged. Possessed of a handsome, almost tanned complexion. Yann sports a trimmed, short, slightly greying goatee-beard that travels around his mouth and down for an inch or so more. His hair is receding slightly in the front, consisting of a dark color speckled with grey in spots. It is cut short and well-groomed. Unlike the rest of his race, he doesn't look perpetually tired, in fact, he looks energetic and healthy. His dark eyes gleam with surprising life for an older man.

    He wears dark-colored, simple clothes. Most prominent in his wardrobe, except during hot days of course, is a black overcoat that extends down to the space just above his knees.

    Description (mindform): A towering, misshapen thing, vaguely humanoid in its powerful presence. His twisted body doesn't always have a proper symmetry to it, or even an exact bone structure, as the flesh seems to shift or ripple almost constantly. The Lord's god-flesh is a dirty brown-yellow color, patches of black spots marking his body.

    Yann's lower body is alternatively a pair of human-shaped legs and feet (minus distinct toes) or a set of five double-jointed, spindly legs of bone and muscle. They move with a frightening, graceful symmetry despite being uneven. Perhaps its the way the joints move.

    The upper torso is the most human thing, relatively constant except for when he wishes to shift things around. A pair of clawed three-fingered hands on single-jointed arms extend from the 'shoulders', when symmetry can be found, and more arms can apparently be spontaneously grown from his back.

    The head is yet another oddity. A neck extends upward to an unusually round, spherical skull, with prominent furrows and ridges in the face where his eyes and nose would be. Yet it is only a fleshy mass, like the countenance of a human with the features shed entirely. Just above where the forehead would be, the entire scalp terminates in a series of what appear to be ridged tentacles, wound about eachother in a massive, fleshy 'pony-tail' that twists around itself and hangs about halfway down his back. This is perhaps the most symmetrical part of him.

    These tentacles can come apart and reach upward, becoming a star-formation of whipping limbs. Though the outer area is ridged, almost carapaced, the inside is a fleshy place, like a strange mouth atop his head, where a toothy maw puckers and pants. When he exercises abilities, the ridges upon the tentacles suddenly open like eyelids, revealing a series of slitted silver eyes along each 'limb', all watching with a sinister glare. They are clouded, but Yann still sees perfectly, even when these strange optic sensors are closed.

    The creature reaches a height of over seven feet, not including the mouth-eye-tentacles when they reach up instead of winding around eachother.

    Personality: He likes peace, and tranquility, and equality. Yannovick does not appreciate leisure-time being interrupted, and prefers to be left alone when he wants to be so. Slow to act, considerate of every facet of a situation, he tends to observe extensively before hatching any sort of plan.

    Yann is a generous and caring sort, very loyal to those who serve him. He is devoted to both his own goals and the collective needs of his small church, always happy to help when he can. While he tries to avoid showing it, a measure of malignant pride is creeping into his persona as he slowly gains power. Even so, his ambition grows with this pride.

    The man is particularly critical of other peoples or religions, but is so in a friendly manner, and often suggests an attitude of tolerance and acceptance towards other cults or sects. This extends (mostly) to his worshippers. But beneath the facade, the handshakes and warm smiles, Yann despises deities in general. Or at least, many beings on that level of power. He finds them to be selfish, worthless things, who delight only in bringing a world to life so that they might then ignore it when it requires help. Where are they when madmen murder children? Where are they when an angry beast from another universe sets to tearing the world apart? They're up in their private demi-planes, living the life and occasionally throwing a bone or two of power to the servants known as clerics or the like. Of course, he knows the situation also depends on individual deities.

    Anything else, I'll post later.


    He has offerings, typical human stuff, and the like back home. He typically carries:

    -Clothes. Duh.
    -A little pill-bottle.
    -A sidearm of some sort, typically holstered under his coat.
    -A wallet.
    -Anything else I can't think of right now.

    Besides these, the mindform can manifest a two-handed mace, essentially a pole which terminates in a solid metal cylinder. A cylinder bristling all around with long, wicked-looking spikes.



    -Durability far exceeding that of a human, at least for physical damage. Magical and psionic are different stories.
    -Strength superior to a human as well.
    -When his lower body is walking on five legs, these limbs are prehensile, capable of picking up small objects while the remaining ones still support his weight.
    -Some level of god-power. Limited Sight, which is basically viewing the inner truths or greater forms of things. That should have some interesting results. Limited reality alteration, including creating something from existing matter, though he can't rapidly warp things like, say, an FMA style alchemist. Also, like, maybe an energy blast or something.
    -Mid-high-level Psionic Shaper.
    -More as he grows.

    It should be noted that Yannovick has close to no combat prowess at the moment. A skilled mage, or even just a skilled swordsman, could go up against him handily.


    -Magic and psionics do more damage than a hail of bullets. Though a hail of bullets will still do damage.
    -Becomes angered if you hit the right buttons.
    -His worshippers grant him strength and durability, his form, and his Sight. Kill them, mind control them, or something, and he loses it all. In fact, the sheer drop in power from having them removed all at once might kill him outright, or at least knock him out cold.
    -Anti-psionic powers tend to inhibit his abilities as well, as they are largely based in psionics.
    -In human form, he's a bit more durable, but not so much as the mindform. He can be killed far easier.


    -Decent Leadership.
    -Imagination. Very creative.
    -He can shoot a gun, but Yann is no expert marksman.
    -Anything I can't think of right now.


    Same as Ordo, except he went a different path. After the fall of their world, Yann went on a campaign to deepen his psychic power, and in doing so, began to experience new powers and strange influences. So on and so forth, he eventually came to the Nexus and started a religion in a small mountain town called New Ellse.

    Maybe more detail later.

    Miscellaneous: In charge of a cult, one he named the Church of the Blind Lord. Also, father of Ordo Ventrii.
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