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    Alexander Gray

    Alias: Elementals refer to him as 'that one'.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Alignment: Does what he wants to, when he wants to, but has a larger plan. LE.
    Class/Profession: Powerful Elementalist
    Power Rating: 5, but only by grace of his elementals. Without them, he's a particularly sneaky 2. He plans on making deals and alliances to gain more power.
    Description: A tall, blonde man who always seems to be scheming in that gray suit of his. His eyes are scary, as well as his smile, though most cannot figur out why.

    Personality: Scheming, greedy, and definitely evil. He's not above doing good to get the job done, but he never does good for good's sake. If you piss him off, expect one or more elementals to be included in his revenge.
    Equipment: A supply of fresh gray suits, an FN 57, and a suitcase full of nasty knives and thieve's tools.
    Abilities: A variety of thieve's skills, and the elements at his disposal.
    Backstory: Alexander was a homeless thief living out of an abandoned garden in the Outside. Living meal to meal without any pity or compassion eventually pushed him to murder, and in retreat from his first kill, he reached out for any help he could find.
    Three hands caught his. One made of ice, one of fire, and one of dirt. The three 'original' elements. A deal was made. Alex would have the powers of these long forgotten and angry demigods, in exchange for service even beyond death...
    Miscellaneous: Alex is always accompanied by three rarely visible elementals. Ember (fire), Ariel (cold), and Maya (earth). These elementals make him a formidable threat, but he's useless without them. Luckily, few magics despite their own, older magics affect them.

    (also working on this guy. he's a hob, but I don't have everything worked out for him yet)
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