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    Full Name: Kojare

    Alias: None.

    Gender: Male

    Race: Ruurian

    Age: Middle-aged

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Class/Profession: Tour guide, hunter, survivalist, thrill-seeker, Indigo Lantern

    Power Rating: 3/D+, 4/B, with his power ring?

    Description: There's a picture in the link above, but more specifically ---> Reddish brown and black bands of fur, but he dyes all of it black for stealth, seven pairs of limbs, each with four digits, feathery antennae, one of which is obviously robotic, super fast metabolism, large as well as multi-faceted and red eyes, one of which is usually figured correctly to be fake. Four of his limbs are fake, but only two are obviously fake, since they were made fairly cheaply, but they can shoot out like grappling hook-like things and are just as useful as the rest of his limbs. His robotic limbs would probably be a bit stronger than normal (probably just to average human strength). He'd undulate along quickly, when he'd have to, but prefers to walk only on his hindmost four legs, to make himself look taller. He wears a vest that's covered in more black fur to blend in and carries all kinds of wilderness survival tools and a small blaster made for his hands.

    Personality: A wily and, some say, crazy old coot. Loves traveling, doing anything that anyone would consider to be daring, but usually hunts scary animals. In places with animals that you aren't allowed to kill, he'd just find them, maybe take some recordings, tranquilize them, take something as a trophy, just to prove that he could have killed the thing. He knows that he'll eventually have to turn into his race's version of a butterfly, which is when he'll lose his mind and care only about flying, eating, and mating, pretty much, a fate that is the only one that terrifies him, so he's trying to make a name for himself, wouldn't mind dying in some horrible accident or something, but, since he is ofttimes hired for safari type things, he's always very careful for the sake of his customers.

    Equipment: Mentioned before. A vest with various tools. A blaster. Apparently, people are just randomly transported to this Nexus place, so he wouldn't have a spaceship or landspeeder or anything. Most recently, an indigo power ring.

    Abilities (with weaknesses attached!): Fast metabolism (easily falls victim to things but also recovers faster than most). Agility (but no strength). Stealthiness (but horrible and unaccustomed to lying). Two grapply hook arms (that take a while to rearm?). Cybernetic eye with infravision (he's still fairly near-sighted).

    Backstory: Born as well as raised on Ruuria, but only for a couple of years, at which point, his guardian at the time took him to a spaceport. They were planning on taking a flight to some popular tourist destination, but he, like every stupid little kid ever, got lost and made his way to an entirely different ship. Sure that he knew the correct flight number and that his guardian would catch up with him, he unfortunately ended up on a hunter's ship headed for Trammis III. Once there and while asleep, he was mistaken for some sort of vermin and chucked in a bush. When he woke up, the ship was gone, and he had to fight his way through inhospitable terrain and dinosaurs trying to eat him. He learned a lot, got to love the adrenaline rush of living in the wilderness with barely anything while being hunted by monsters, but he was eventually rescued and was taken back to Ruuria, but, after relearning manners and stuff, found that it no longer held any interest for him, As soon as he could, he got out and started his own business, which didn't benefit him for long, since he was just transported to this Nexus place.

    Miscellaneous: I'm good, for now.
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