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    Gregory "Ory" Matthews

    Alias: Shyft - given to him by his hoverboarding buddies, back in supra-Chicago
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human with minor cybernetic improvements
    Age: 24
    Alignment: Chaotic Awesome (He's good but does things his own way, preferably ways with "flair")
    Class/Profession: Trust Fund Kid/Adrenaline Junky
    Power Rating: He's a C+ on Neon's scale. And about a 4 on Quinsar's scale.

    Description: Ory stands at about 5'11" and is pretty good shape. He has piercing green eyes and mostly black hair. He has two locks of hair dyed green and blue respectively on either side of his face. He has average features but has a very obvious chipped tooth.
    He tends to wear clothing that functions as safety wear for his favorite pastime, hoverboarding, these include fingerless black leather gloves and a pair of goggles. He often wears a loose, sleeveless jacket made of a thick material. He favors black shirts and blue jeans.

    Personality: Ory is a very open person. He is a bit ashamed of his wealthy background and does his best to fit the blue-collar, Southsider, attitude of his closest friends. With that attitude comes his hate of backing down from conflict and tendency to look the other way as long as nobody is getting hurt.

    Equipment: His goggles are multi-purpose cybernetics with different settings for darkness, bright light, and protection from visual attacks. Also they house a miniature droid intelligence he calls Delta that he can converse with and get information from.
    His hoverboard is a top-quality machine that allows him to hover anywhere from 6 inches to 20 ft. above ground and move at breakneck speeds.
    His gloves are embedded with crystals that work with his cybernetics to produce a flame like energy manifestation that he can use in combat situations.

    Abilities: Ory has latent psychic potential which is very common in his society his cybernetics enhance this allowing him to manifest energy bolts and speed up his reaction time. His wealthy family insisted he study martial arts for his own protection and as a result he's a capable hand-to-hand fighter.
    While he has considerable power to bring to bear he's not really that tough being as easily injured as any other human. He relies on speed and quickness not pure force or the ability to absorb damage.

    Backstory: He grew up rich and rebelled picking up unsavory friends and dangerous hobbies. This along with his tendency to step in when he feels others need help has gotten him in a lot of trouble. Recently he was "disposed of" by a group of thugs by being dropped in a inter-dimensional portal leaving him stranded in The Nexus.

    This is my first Nexus character but I've played in similar worlds for years.
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