Markhrus Bennik

Alias: Markhrus, bro.
Gender: Male.
Race/Species: Wereshark.
Age: 21
Alignment: Chill, bro.
Class/Profession: Brawler.
Power Rating: C


Each of his forearms has a thin, fin-like appendage, and he is well-muscled, yet not of ridiculous Schwarzenegger proportions. He is wears a leather jacket with its sleeves rolled up, a spiked collar, fingerless gloves, and sweet yellow shades. His skin is a blueish colour, and he often wears a sizable shark-toothed grin.
Personality: Man, I told you, he's all chill up in this. Well, most of the time, anyways. He's a good guy, he's just fairly slow and relaxed most of the time - nothing but evil acts really seem to bother him, and when anything does it's usually met with "Man, that's not cool."
Equipment: He's got his clothes as described above, and nothing really else.
Abilities: Has the ability to transform between his normal, more human form, and a huge, muscled shark-man with gaping jaws. His strength is already more than a normal man's, but it's rumored that in shark-form his bite can tear steel.