This is awesome. I really, really like this. Very well done.

The one thing that strikes me as... odd, is the way Power Points are handled. I mean, it's sort of like a more modular Ardent in the way that it has a sets of Powers that come together, that you then Manifest normally. I think it might be interesting to try to do it differently - more like the Binder, perhaps, since the Binder is awesome.

Alternatively, a thought I had, which I really like, is the ability to "invest" Power Points in Impressions. Perhaps Impressions could have much shorter durations than Pacts, and the duration/strength of the Impression is based on how many Power Points you invest into it - invest a lot, and it sticks around all day. Then the abilities it grants you are available at-will (or with a short cooldown a la Binder). You could still have concurrent Impressions limits, but it lets you be a bit more flexible - which I'd make less efficient in terms of Power Points. So if you invest a lot of Power Points, you not only have the Impression for a long time, but its Powers are augmented more than it would be if you only had it briefly.

Thinking about this, it'd probably be a nightmare to balance, so I don't know how much I actually espouse the idea, but I hope it gives you something to think about.