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This is awesome. I really, really like this. Very well done.

The one thing that strikes me as... odd, is the way Power Points are handled. I mean, it's sort of like a more modular Ardent in the way that it has a sets of Powers that come together, that you then Manifest normally. I think it might be interesting to try to do it differently - more like the Binder, perhaps, since the Binder is awesome.

Alternatively, a thought I had, which I really like, is the ability to "invest" Power Points in Impressions. Perhaps Impressions could have much shorter durations than Pacts, and the duration/strength of the Impression is based on how many Power Points you invest into it - invest a lot, and it sticks around all day. Then the abilities it grants you are available at-will (or with a short cooldown a la Binder). You could still have concurrent Impressions limits, but it lets you be a bit more flexible - which I'd make less efficient in terms of Power Points. So if you invest a lot of Power Points, you not only have the Impression for a long time, but its Powers are augmented more than it would be if you only had it briefly.

Thinking about this, it'd probably be a nightmare to balance, so I don't know how much I actually espouse the idea, but I hope it gives you something to think about.
I'm glad you approve. Re the investing of power points, it's set up like that already for the most part. You can augment impressions when you imprint them (just like powers) to increase the effectiveness of the abilities they grant. More power points means a more powerful suite of abilities for the day. For instance, when imprinting Tower of the Arcane Order, the number of power points you use to augment it determines the magnitude of the power resistance you gain and the highest level spells you can "cast". I don't want it to change how long the imprint lasts, though. Like vestiges, impressions are supposed to stay with you for the whole day (rather, for the power point recharge cycle which is usually one day). Lower level vestiges last for just as long as higher level ones, so I don't see the need for lesser augmented impressions to be any different. If you're worried about the limited ability to change midday, don't. Binders make do alright with 24 hour pacts, and Psychic Impressionists get as many or more impressions at a time. Not only that, but Psychic Impressionists get a psicrystal with the Blank Slate personality at 1st level. Created specifically to deal with this issue before it came up, Blank Slate lets you store an impression in your psicrystal, letting you imprint another one and switch back and forth during the day. This lets even a first level imprinter imprint two impressions for different purposes, such as a Naberius-like impression for dealing with the townsfolk and discovering where the bandit hideout is, and an Amon-like impression for actually taking the bandits down. All it costs is a bit of time and more of your limited supply of power points.

Re the power points themselves, I'm still ironing out the details of how it should work and the best way to implement it. I'm trying to make it a reasonable tradeoff between imprinting more impressions (granting more abilities and powers known), augmenting the impressions (granting more powerful abilities), and simply saving your power points to manifest powers proper (having greater longevity with your more powerful abilities, the actual manifesting, but having less versatility and less power once your reserves run out).

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While I haven't look at the impression in detail yet, I must say that I really like what I'm seeing so far.
The only reproche would be working on formatting notable the header in your table have a problem and I think using bold could really help make thing easier to read in the impression part for the category notable, the template could benefit too.
in any case I think I will follow this project and try to read the impresion in more detail when I find the time.
Sorry about the formatting. There are some minor differences and nuances between BG's and GitP's BBcodes and text displays that I have to adapt to. One thing I didn't notice is that when you hit "preview post", it converts all of your [ br ] tags into <br>. I'll try to make some better formatting for the impressions, too. You're right, masses of italics just do not work.

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i was looking at this on bg and thought it is pretty cool. i'll have to look thoroughly at it later, but you've done a good job as far as i can see.

also, post your move-act martial maneuvers on this forum too; that is a cool project that needs to be expanded. and as far as a name, i'd call them "advances" or something, instead of "evasions" or something.
Well, since you asked so nicely, here you go.