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    Ligz Gadgethan

    Funny fact, did you know goblins are extremely poisonous? No? Well... RUN!

    Alias: Ligz
    Gender: Male
    Race: Goblin
    Age: 34
    Alignment: True Neutral-ish
    Class/Profession: Journalist
    Power Rating: E
    Description: Ligz stands about 1 meter and 10 centimeters tall (or 3,3 feet) and have green skin. He have relatively long ears and nose compared to his head and can often be seen wearing various skirts of different colors, always ironed and cleaned. Sometimes he even uses a snazzy journalist hat. He got almost blinding white teeth and a very winning grin that goes well with his brown eyes.
    Personality: Ligz is an fast talker and risk taker, he often takes a gamble in order to get a good story but sometimes end up in more then he can bargain for. Thankfully he got his fast tongue to help him, and if that doesn't work, Faith. And if not Faith can save the situation either, he does what he should have done in the first place, run.
    Ligz loves his job and to get the adrenaline flowing doing it, often making jokes to light up the mood if they are in a really sticky situation.
    Equipment: A notebook and a hidden tape recorder he always keeps around trying to record everything that happens around him. Who knows? It might be news and Ligz wouldn't forgive himself if he missed something like.
    Uses some spy technology and got a gun at home for defense but doesn't often use it in his work.
    Abilities: Has perfected the noble art of fleeing for your life and is pretty good at talking as well. Have some spy technology as well as some hacker skills. He also know how to handle a gun, if he would bring it with him that is.

    Faith Sunsworn

    If I wanted brains, I could do so much better then yours. Maybe you should try the hooker zombies down the street?

    Alias: Faith and Brains though the last one you only use to annoy her.
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human? Undead? Zombie? No. never mind, don't call her the last one, she'll eat your brain! *whap* Ouch!
    Age: 25
    Alignment: Neutral good-ish
    Class/Profession: Journalist
    Power Rating: C
    Description: Faith is undead, some call her a zombie but thats not quite true.
    Faith doesn't really like to speculate about it. Even since then she hates water and can go long ways to avoid being in it.
    She is a odd sort of undead though, while she doesn't need to breath she does need to sleep and eat, or so she claims at least.
    It might be possible that she only does that out of habit and to feel more normal.
    Faith often wears a raincoat as she hates being wet which reminds her of her death. Under it she wears normal clothes however along with jeans and a pair of nice working shoes. Her skin looks unnaturally pale but doesn't show any signs of decay.
    Faith often consider wearing make up to cover it but feels too lazy to bother, she hates make-up anyway. Her eyes are yellow shining orbs that often scare people off unless her skin isn't clue enough she isn't alive anymore. Therefore faith is often wearing a pair of sunglasses.
    Her hair is red and down to her shoulders, it often looks wet, she have a hard time making it perfect.
    Personality: Faith is somewhat asocial ever since her 'accident', she just spends time with her closest family and friends such as Ligz. Since she doesn't seem to age anymore she constantly worries about surviving her peers but tries to take it one day at the time. Being a journalist makes her forget about her condition but she constantly showers everyone that talks to her with sarcasm that keeps strangers at a distance.
    But behind the unfriendly exterior, Faith really cares about the people around her and can be seen offer people help with things they can't do themselves.
    Equipment: Faith often carries around a camera, a note pad and a tape recorder but isn't obsessive or secret about it as Ligz. However, since she got a somewhat unnatural strength she often need to carry around all other gadgets Ligz and her need, including food.
    Abilities: Faith have a an unusually, perhaps even supernaturally strong will which people claim was the reason she just came back from the dead. She is also stronger and faster then any normal human but doesn't like to show this off so much. She is also highly resistant to damage and her wounds seems to heal at a pretty fast rate by unknown means.
    As undead Faith doesn't need to breath and might not need to drink, sleep or eat either.
    A strange thing about her though is that she seems to lack a soul, while she will easily get mad at anyone who claims this, magic and technology that targets the soul simply doesn't seem to work on her.

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