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    Serena De Luca

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Elf // Vampire

    Age: 72, looks 22

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Class/Profession: N/A

    Power Rating: C-

    Description: Serena has red eyes and fangs that are quite small, which can easily go unnoticed. She is strikingly beautiful with pale skin, a mass of long, wavy, near black hair, and pointed ears. She almost always wears dresses that could never be called respectable, and are often red.

    Personality: Due to the corruption of Vice, Serena is now much more likely to indulge. Whether that be in blood, drink, or pleasure. She's not above manipulating others to get what she wants, which is often them in bed.

    - A pair of ruby teardrop earrings.
    - An automatic pistol.

    Abilities: She is skilled with pistols and highly athletic. Because of the extent of Vice's corruption, Serena will spread it herself through touch.

    ~Can turn into a bat, a rat, a wolf, or a cloud of smoke at will.
    ~Has unnatural strength that exceeds that of a normal woman.
    ~Can regenerate, but at a slow pace.
    ~Can suck the blood of the living by biting them, and if he drains most of their blood they will be turned into a vampire.
    ~Can hypnotize someone if that person is weak minded enough, but only if she is able to stare them directly in the eye for about 3 seconds.
    ~Is allergic to garlic. It weakens her and makes her vomit. It won't kill her.
    ~Bursts into flames if exposed to the sun.
    ~Bursts into flames when in contact with anything holy. Only if there is a particularly strong belief in it that is close-by, so she's not going to be harmed by the "holy vampire cloak" of "hocus pocus religion on the other side of the world".
    ~Is paralyzed if a piece of wood (stake or not) goes through her heart. It won't kill her, but she won't be able to move, think, or do anything at all until some nice (re; stupid) passerby removes it.
    ~Can't cross running water.
    ~Can't enter a home uninvited.

    Backstory: Orphaned at a young age, Ghar decided to take her under his wing. Ghar was never truly satisfied with her however, as she displayed no magical talent. She grew up with Ghar's other adopted child, Gabriel, and he is like a brother to her in everything but blood.

    Serena fell in love with and eventually married Nite. Soon they had a child together, Adele. Some time after Adele was born Serena left Gul-Thadar and returned as a vampire. She never returned to her family for a month after returning. She was struggling with the fact that she would have to kill as a vampire. She nearly died of starvation as a result of this. She eventually came to terms with the need to kill, and steeled her heart. Nite and Adele never learned of this struggle.

    Eventually it can to the time when Nite asked if she would like to come to the Nexus. She gladly came as she was tired of the corruption of Gul-Thadar.

    Miscellaneous: She has a small, round robot, about the size of a head. It has a large rifle barrel emerging from the middle of it and a cluster of red lenses around where the barrel meets the body. It hovers using an anti-grav field.

    Description of corruption.
    Quote Originally Posted by RPGsr4me View Post
    ((Well Serena has been tainted by a corruption that makes it near impossible for her to resist her vices. So drinking, eating, sex, fighting, anything the corrupted person enjoys. Because of the extent of the corruption Serena has been exposed to she will spread it through physical contact. Small amounts of contact will make the person slightly more likely to indulge, prolonged contact will infect them to the same level as Serena, and anywhere in between.))

    Alternate Avatars:

    Avatars courtesy of Happyturtle
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