Akawa Shiro (Family, Given) Ghost
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Appearance: Shiro is 5 feet tall and is much too skinny for someone of his age to healthily be. His hair is pure black except for the blonde highlights he insisted on getting when he was still alive. And his large round eyes are a hazel color of sorts, giving the appearance of roasting almonds.

Personality: He is very friendly, but not the bravest of kids. He tends to run away from most dangers, unless someon even weaker then him is in trouble. He can be fairly emotional at time, even to a silly level, and is also VERY immature and childish. Especially when it comes to his humor.

History: Shiro lived a fairly average death, up until the day he died in a fire. The rest of his family managed to escape the fire alive. His soul is attached to the ruins of his house, but not so much so that he can't wander a small distance away. He has about a month or so before he becomes a hollow. He misses his family and only "sees" them when they come to visit a small memorial/cairn type thingy built near the charred ruins of their old house.