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    Kirk Locke

    Alias: Soldrin Kenmtor

    Gender: Male

    Species: Svartalv

    Age: 114

    Profession: MERC Lieutenant

    Kirk is a moderately old drow man, though he still appears youthful, with caucasian features. He's fairly short and has a lean, muscular figure. His hair is short, pure white, and typically lightly maintained. His skin is a dusky grey and his eyes are bright red. a few parts of his body were turned into immobile jade, most notably being his left hand. He's always sharply dressed, often wearing a suit and his wide brimmed hat.

    Kirk is confident to a fault. He likes to take risks because he's sure he can handle the outcome; a gambling man through and through. He can be very suave and charming when he wants to. Kirk has quite a vicious streak, and he is more than willing to take advantage of anyone for personal gain. Couple this with his often cold hearted approach to other people, and you get a very uncaring person at best.

    Dirty Fighter - Kirk is quite capable with a number of smaller bladed weapons, and it fit and strong. That's not how he's come out on top of so many fights, however. He's not afraid to fight dirty. He'll hit below the belt, throw sand in your eyes, you name it. If it's his life or yours, you better believe that Kirk will do whatever it takes to make sure things go his way.

    Second Pair of Eyes - With a bit of focus, Kirk can project an invisible wisp and see through it in a short radius around him. Peeking around corners and seeing behind himself is nice, but so is seeing other people's hands in a game of cards.

    Kirk originated on the land of Elshar. He was a younger son of a clan matriarch. As such, he was expected to be a warrior and a leader among the clan's fighters. This chafed at Kirk. He cared little for his mother's ambitions and wasn't keen on fighting her fights. He wanted out. He was able to leave, but not cleanly, and not without violence. He made his own way from then on. He had no master but himself, and that's the way he liked it. He roamed for several years and made a small name for himself as a thief and a sellsword.

    It's not entirely clear how he made it off his home world. Kirk couldn't really say what happened, just that something went weird with a magical entity and he woke up somewhere altogether foreign. From that point on, he traveled to and within a number of worlds. He had a colourful life and many adventures. He met many people, but always left them behind when he traveled on, often with a number of people that were less than pleased with him.
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