John Karlson

Neutral Good; He abides by the rules, but will break them if necessary.

Profession: Warrior, I guess. His basic skills are for fighting, so I'm thinking he's a sort of mercenary.

PR: D-D+ by Neon Knight's scale.

Description: Very tall, about 6'4", around 17, with short blond hair. Has an old well-used sword, a cloak, and a backpack with some reality issues. Basically, he can reach in and pull out any food or drink. The weirdest part is that the stuff that comes out is always different, unless John specifically wants a certain thing. It's always non-poisonous as well. I'm taking this backpack idea from a character I had Improbable Island; it worked well there, so I'm hoping it'll be interesting here. John is basically just a competent warrior with some mental powers like minor telekinesis and mind reading and a wry sense of humour.

Personality: Sort of a jaded outlook on life, but still has a healthy sense of humour, even if it is a bit wry. He isn't the most talkative person, but if you strike up a conversation with him about something he is interested in he'll be more than chatty! He has a strong interior moral code; he naturally wants to be nice to people, and avoids being surly or dismissive. However, he will react if pushed and takes offense at any acts of violence, bullying or insulting behavior around him. Basically, it's hard to get on John's bad side, but you'll know when you do.

Equipment: Aforementioned backpack, normal sword, sleeved cloak.

Abilities: A competent swordsman, with minor mental abilities, such as telekinesis on smaller objects and minor mind reading, but that's about it. He's had these since birth, and has no idea where they came from. They are most definitely not normal where he comes from, but they seem almost quaint here...

Backstory: To be revealed later...