Jackson Williams

Alias: Jumpin' Jack Snipes
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Khajiit
Age: 20
Alignment: Chaotic Sneaky
Class/Profession: Thief/Thug/General Unsavory Fellow
Power Rating: 3. Not especially good in an upfront fight, but if he is allowed to plan before hand, or gets the element of surprise, don't expect things to end well. Or with an intact jugular.
He has some small skill in illusions and mysticism magic, and uses this to fool and track his victims.
Description: A tall, thin Khajiit with a laid back stance. His lower jaw is unusually large and robust for his type, but he enjoys the look. He is a light, tawny golden color, though he darkens to a rusty orange color along his spine and the top of his head. He keeps his tan hair up in a series of short braids held up by a messy brown headband.
Personality: Sneaky, promiscuous, and most definitely selfish. He knows his limits but he still loves to test them. He refuses to get into a fair fight, and likes to scout ahead so that he has time to set traps and get ready to fill the target's back with arrows. In battle he seems far too happy, and some people have called him a sadist.
Equipment: A well made composite longbow and a quiver of enchanted arrows.
A jambiya, a long, curved knife he hopes not to have to use in open combat.
Black leather armor.
A variety of small traps.
Lots of rope.
Abilities: Low level illusions and mysticism.
Too good at parkour for his own well being.
Quite the sneak.
Is a coward in open combat.
Flirts way too much.
Backstory: Grew up in a city based in the mountains, were agility was a must have. Took up thieving as part of a bet. When things went downhill in his hometown and he got caught wooing and stealing from the mayor's daughter, he jumped town and traveled with various bandit groups.
Miscellaneous: Hates seafood and ogres.