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    Full Name: Nicholas Boyle

    Alias: "Slick"

    Gender: Male

    Race: Half human slash half some kind of god

    Age: Pre-teens, early teens?

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with definite Evil tendencies

    Class/Profession: Bandit, at the moment

    Power Rating: 3 slash C

    Description: Tallish, gangly, but a decent amount of athleticism rounds that out a bit, brown eyes that lack much fire, short and ruffly brown hair, some kind of black body sheath under generic brown leathers, two pairs of gloves, a black bandana that he thinks makes him look pretty cool, and a generally insolent and indolent vibe.

    Personality: Well, insolent and indolent is right. Also, fairly unintelligent and uncreative. Lacks drive to do much beyond getting ordered around by someone who would better know how to utilize him, although he does love the idea of one day becoming an infamous villain. As long as it isn't too hard.

    Equipment: As mentioned, a black body sheath under generic leathers, two pairs of gloves, and a bandana. Also, a longknife, a rope with a grappling hook, and a few little pieces of metal and wire that he was told equates to a thieves' kit but is probably just junk.

    Abilities: No friction. He has to wear double layers and be very aware of his center of gravity, since anything he touches loses its friction for some unspecified amount of time (it wears off at the speed of plot, I figure). He mostly uses it to slide around and be difficult to catch, but he can also use it to make blows a lot more glancing, or as an attack to make people fall down. Since he's a dimwit, there are plenty of applications for this that he hasn't thought of, and I'm wanting his powers to develop into including lots of other things. He just needs to actually practice and such.

    Backstory: Born in a random fantasy setting. Since I am not as familiar with this Nexus place as I'd like to be, he might even be from here, as long as his father could have been some random god who abandoned his mortal mother, as frisky gods ofttimes do. He was raised by this mother, who seemed to be less of an atheist and more of a, "Down with all gods!" type, in a hovel somewhere. She never told him who his father was, so he isn't arrogant about that. He has joined several little gangs, over the years. His mother is happy to have him out of her hair, although he sometimes drops in, hoping for a free meal or a place to stay, sometimes even to steal something. Most recently, he has happened upon and joined the Blackhallow Brigands.

    Miscellaneous: For powers to be developed ---> Super friction, giving him the ability to slow himself down more easily, as well as to just stick people or things in place. Later, the ability to mess with other things from physics class. Decreasing something's mass, to pretend like he has super strength. Stuff like that.
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