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    Dusk Ryder

    Gender: Male.
    Race/Species: Human Vampire.
    Age: 24
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
    Class/Profession: Rogue/Thief.
    While he gets all the plusses of being a vampire, they're less visible in him. His strength is augmented, but not my much. His speed, however, is high and he has excellent night vision, as well as the ability to feel living beings approaching, as long as they have a beating heart.
    Power Rating: D Rank
    Description: The first thing that comestomind when seeing this person is "young". He is young and with a fit build, not too tall. His hair is silver, his eyes red, but not bright. Obviously, he has vampire fangs, but he retracts them. Dusk is very good at hiding the fact that he's a vampire.
    Personality: He seems to be friendly most of the time, and since he uses his vampiric seductive abilities coupled with being able to hide that he's a vampire, people will usually find him charismatic. There is, however, one problem with Dusk: He's a Kleptomaniac. Nail your valuables to the ground when the man is around. At times he appears to regret being a vampire, but he takes good advantage of his abilities. He's also made a good fortune... by stealing.
    Equipment: Dusk carries a shortsword, a dagger, and a lockpick. He also carries a bow and arrows. Wears a black hooded cloak.
    Abilities: Excellent Lock-picking abilities, as long as the lock isn't heavily fortified by magic (he can undo small fortifications). He practices magic, when said magic helps in things like sneaking and stealing, opening locks, and slight levitation of objects. His magical ability for offensive, defensive, or restorative purposes is null. He's also fairly proficient with a bow, though not expert enough to shoot from a long distance and hit the target. Unless there's a lot of luck involved.
    Backstory: Dusk was turned into a vampire when he was 20 years old, willingly. Having become engaged with a band of low-class criminals, one of whom was a vampire, he suddenly started to show interest in vampirism. After a while, the Vampire offered to turn him and Dusk accepted. At times he seems to regret it, but the prospect of an eternal life of acquiring wealth is still appealing to him.
    Miscellaneous: Dusk, like any vampire, relies on blood, but he does not require too much of it. He is perfectly capable of biting a person, drinking some blood, then leaving them alone. If done while the person sleeps, they might not even notice him, the sneaky bastard. This makes his tracks easier to cover.
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