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    Faction Entry

    Hell of the Iron Queen
    controlled by players Happyturtle and KidKris
    (See also: Kris's Hell)

    ((Since all cosmologies are true, there are many hells. This is only one of them. You may send your character to this hell, or interact with its devils as you wish, but if you do, then HT or Kris control all of the npcs. If your hell works by different rules, then it is not this hell, and nothing here is applicable. ))

    This Hell, populated by devils and ruled by the Iron Queen Persephone, is in a constant state of warfare against the demons of the Abyss*, ruled by the Storm Queen Lilith. It is structured similar to Dante, with nine circles, each of which is ruled by an Archdevil.

    Circle 1: Lust [Archdevil: Morgana] (played by Kris)
    Circle 2: Pain [Archdevil: Morgana, formerly Semiazas]
    Circle 3: Greed (controlled by Jacklu)
    At first glance, this level of hell could almost be mistaken for heaven. The very ground itself is mad of gold and diamonds and jewels and treasure as far as the eye can see, all leading to a massive fortress crafted from precious metals and gems in the very center. Ten rivers of gold and treasure flow from the outer edges of the circle into the center where they cascade down into a seemingly endless abyss in massive, stunning falls. The fortress is build upon an endless pile of treasure that rises out of the center of the abyss.

    As the hell is for those who gave themselves over to greed in life, those who end up there are immediately swept up in the currents of the rivers and carried toward the fortress in the center, drowning in gold and riches the entire way. After going over the falls, they are eventually picked up by winged demons who carry them the fortress where they are made the personal possessions of the Lord of Greed and forced to live in service of him for all eternity, owning absolutely nothing and spending all time surrounded by splendors that they cannot ever possess. The Lord of Greed treats his possessions however he pleases, forcing them serve him seemingly endless feasts that they cannot touch. He even has them cast inside gold statues and put up around his fortress as decorations

    Though the lower demons that inhabit the realm look similar to most other demons, the higher ranking ones could be described as shockingly beautiful. The higher a demon in the third circle advances in standing, the more beautiful they become, often even shedding their demonic traits and coming to look almost angelic. After all, greed and vanity go hand in hand. In fact, the Lord of Greed's queen is the archdevil of Vanity and many of her siren demons can be found inhabiting the circle as well.

    Circle 4: Anger [Archdevil: ???]
    Circle 5: Cowardice [Archdevil: ???]
    • Outer ring: Cowardly failing family or comrades
    • Middle ring: Cowardly giving in to moral wrongs
    • Inner ring: Cowardly failing one's self

    Circle 6: War [Archdevil: Baalthazaar] (played by HT)
    Circle 7: Pride [Archdevil: Lady Nemesis]
    • Outer Ring: Pride over Life
    • Middle Ring: Pride over Death
    • Inner Ring: Pride over Nature

    Circle 8: Fraud [Archdevil: ???]
    • Bolgias 1-10: As Dante.

    Circle 9: Treachery [Archdevil: The Iron Queen Persephone, formerly Hades(now deceased)] (played by HT)

    The ones in red may or may not be changed if people think of better ideas for circles.

    Significant persons:
    • Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle, Marchesa of War - daughter of Baalthazar. In her current timeline is 19 30 years old, with the intention of making Kal, grandson of Morgana, her consort soon, and leading her father's armies. Since there is another Decker from the far future running around the Nexus, this version is known as "Decker the Younger" or "Devil Decker." She is evil and bloodthirsty and hates demons.

      Spoiler: More about Decker
      Die of Resplendent Brilliance. Roll the die onto an area and a square of colour appears, each with a unique effect.
      Quote Originally Posted by Rebo
      Releases a beam of light according to the seven colours of the rainbow, or all of them on an eight.
      Red enhances his physical power!
      Orange empowers his durability!
      Yellow greatly augments his natural healing!
      Green boosts his speed and agility!
      Blue improves his reasoning and deduction skills!
      Indigo allows for instant teleportation to colored squares!
      Violet grants eye lasers! Pew pew!

      Jumping out of one square onto a nearby area will paint that five foot square in the same color. Walking leaves them unaltered.

      An eight, of course, results in a Rainbow Square. That grants ALL THE COLORS!

    • Issi - devil imp and friend of Decker's (D)

    • General Baalthazar - Decker's father, powerful diabolic general, servant of the Iron Queen (C)

    • Prioress Rosa - Consort to Baalthazar and high priestess of the Iron Queen (D)

    • The Iron Queen - Queen of the devils of Hell (A/S) Arranged to be 'kidnapped' by Hades to get out from under her mother's thumb, then 'accidentally' ate the seeds that cursed her to stay in the Underworld. After a few centuries that she used to set up her power base, Hades died of *cough* "natural causes."

    • Lilith - Storm demoness, archrival to The Iron Queen. Was once defeated by a kiss from Butler (A/S)

    • Morgana, Lady of Pleasure and Pain, Queen of Succubi, Archdevil of the First and Second Circles - Fond of elaborate titles. Servant of the Iron Queen, but less powerful than the other archfiends, and has weaker forces overall. Resides in the Clockwork Fortress, a construction of her own design. (D+) (Player: Kris)

    • Kal'selthezaar - A tiefling. Grandson of Lady Morgana, a spy/assassin/corrupter. Consort to Lady Decker. Immune to magic. (C-) (Player: Kris)

    • Ambrosius aka Face of the Masked Lady - brother of Morgana, great-uncle to Kal the PC (Player: Kris)

    • Lillanthil - daughter of Morgana, mother of Kal the PC (Player: Kris)

    • Jeanne-Antoinette "Jeannie" - great-grandaughter of Morgana > Ambrosius > Zabrigael - devil succubus and eldest daughter of Zabrigael. Named for her father, Jean-Antoine, who did not survive the encounter that resulted in her conception. (Player: HT)

    • Zabrigael - bog standard succubus/incubus - seduce and impregnant/get pregnant by mortals, killing the males. She takes male form as well, but tries to leave the females alive to give birth. She isn't always successful. She has quite a few children by now. The ones she gives birth to herself are in the First Circle, and the ones born to mortal women being raised by mortals with no real connection to Hell. Zabrigael occasionally checks on them, but not in any real attentive way. (npc)

    • Mercutio - A Shakespeare-loving minor devil from Pride over Life. Ascended to Planeswalker status but still carries out his duties in addition to his personal vendettas. Fond of using names from Romeo and Juliet as aliases. (played by Moon_Called / Sphinx of Magosi)

    • General Elshika - An ambitious general under Baalthazaar of the Sixth Circle (player: HT)

    *The Abyss that the Iron Queen's Hell is at war with is controlled by the player Earl of Purple. As before, there may be many different Abysses. This Hell is not at war with all of them, though individual devils (*cough Decker cough* hate all demons equally.
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