[Yighotians - Demons Serving Yigoth]

Yigothians are one of many groups of demons spawned from Cuthun (also called the dreamer, the demon world and the demon world.)

Leader: Yigoth is said to be one of the more powerful demon lords which might just be rumors as Yigoth hardly makes an appearance at all. Yigoth's powers are unknown, but it's said that the demon lord have taken a break from reality due his inability to purge every world of the 'unpure'.

Ideology: Yigoth and his servants have one of the more extreme ideologies of the demons. They believe that only beings born from Cuthun are 'pure', all other beings are filthy disgusting creatures that should either be converted or put to death.

Yigothians often attack non-demons as well as demons supporting non-demons on sight. They do consider non-demons that willingly likes to be converted into demon-hood as worthy to be spared but lately they have begun force demon-hood upon mortals due their recent loses.

Yigothians especially hates children, mothers, people who show sexual attraction and demons that have 'betrayed' their true calling.

Organization: After their recent loses within one of the worlds, the Yigothians have retreated back to their core planes which are interconnected by summoning circles. Their drastically decreased numbers makes them unable to put anything more then a skeleton crew in their strongholds. But as these strongholds are interconnected, any force of demons can easily be transported between them.

Before the fall of the demon world (it fell asleep and was unable to spawn and re-spawn more demons) Yigothians were mostly focused on one mortals they came across, invade world after world to wipe of these 'unpure' beings.

After the loss of the demon world and their recent loses of most of their forces, Yigothians have become more focused on converting rather then killing, abducting mortals from various different planes of reality to convert into demons.

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Prominent Yiothians:





The Demon Mother:


Types of demons often seen in Yigothian forces: