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    Yenna "Rough-hands" Ostgood

    Aliases: The Walking Sister, Ragdoll.

    Gender: Female.

    Race/Species: Halfling. Lightfoot subrace, with a bit of Tallfellow in the bloodline someplace.

    Age: 22 human years, which is just barely adulthood for a halfling.

    Alignment: Somewhere on the Good-Neutral end of the axis. Definitely Lawful, however, if only because of her strict personal disciplines.

    Class/Profession: Street Fighter Monk.

    Power-Rating: C, though I should hope a little scalable.

    Description: Yenna's just under four feet tall. She appears to be made of steel and whipcord, her body rippling with hard-earned muscle. Typically wears rags she fashions from random odds and ends. A ruined pair of child's trousers, and several torn strips of cloth tied around her chest are fairly common. Her hands and feet are rough, callused, well suiting a martial artist.

    Yenna's features are straight and hard, with deep-set brown eyes and a small nose. Her ears are of a vague rectangular shape as they taper out, yet another typical halfling feature. Her dark hair is braided and tied with a single string, sporting a wide pony-tail-esque style.

    Personality: Typically soft-spoken, she's trained herself into a rather atypical disposition for a halfling. She tends to 'look before she leaps', erring on the side of caution and humbleness as life dictates. When called upon to fight, she takes up the duty modestly, but there's a definite satisfaction in her eyes after defeating any opponent. She has no qualms about beating those weaker than herself, and will often do her best to show them up.

    Lives by a series of strict moral, physical and mental codes meant to keep her strong, conditioned, and emotionally collected. Though her family is an upper-middle-class one, Yenna chooses to live in squalor so that she might become stronger. More strict with her indulgent self. In some ways, she is a bit too devoted to her passion, so much that so that she foregoes things like friends and hobbies. At least, that's how she has been. Her parents visiting recently (begging her to come away from the slums, too) has shone some light on these issues. It worries them to see their daughter so... cut off from people, as it's not the halfling way. Yenna's making an effort to change this, for their sake.

    Equipment: A sparing set of clothes.

    Sometimes a bag of food or a staff.

    Seals or blessings from her temple, which have become faded and worn.

    Abilities: Martial arts student of two and a half years. Basically a monk. Possesses an inkling of The Symmetry, an all-encompassing sense of bonding with her surroundings. Basically, heightened senses and a sort of spiritual, almost magical grace when using her art. Also, excellent improvised weapons skill. As in, using broken glass as a throwing weapon. Her aim could do with some improving, however.

    She used to be a good dancer, but hasn't done it in years. Other mundane skills include sowing, various forms of exercise, and meditation.

    Her martial arts teaching allows her to create Seals, powered marks that produce spectacular effects when activated. These seals are often drawn on the ground or her body when she's anticipating a fight.

    |Special Moves|

    Echo Palm - Yenna slams the ground with one of her palms, creating a shockwave that slams foes backwards and deals moderate damage. Dual Skill: Rising Palm allows her to reverse this ability, pulling opponents toward her to set up combos.

    Earthroar - Yenna slams the ground with both fists, sending a wave of force in one direction that shatters the ground. This broken ground bursts after a couple seconds, sending debris and a wave of force in all directions. Usually not used as part of a combo, except to clear room when Yenna needs mobility.

    Twin Hammer - Yenna lunges forward and hits an opponent with both hands, curling her fingers at the last moment. This ability is usually reserved to shatter artificial foes or creatures with strong natural armor. The lunge is almost supernaturally swift, and may land her inside an armed creature's guard such that he can't swing to retaliate.

    Knee-breaker - Yenna aims a kick at one of the tall folk's knees, not necessarily shattering it but attempting to knock them down. This is usually followed up with Earthsnarl or Launch to deal heavy damage. Usually preceded by Earthroar or Twin hammer to set up the move.

    Launch - Yenna flips, landing on her hands, and kicks out with both feet. With strength that her small frame couldn't possibly contain, she attempts to knock an opponent upward. This works on creatures in any size category beneath Large, otherwise, they may simply find themselves staggered. Such opponents are simply too heavy for this move to handle. Usually preceded by Twin Hammer and followed by a more damaging move. Opponents set up by Launch are highly susceptible to combos.

    Crippling Palm - Yenna aims two quick strikes at a foe's nerve endings, attempting to gimp them or incapacitate a specific limb. The strikes are both dealt with one fist, with only a short pull back, so they can be weaved in between other attacks.

    More to come.

    Backstory: I'll make it up as I go. As in, when another PC asks.
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