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    Feel like putting forward my new Weapon Specialization Feat. I got to thinking about why Fighters fell behind so much from AD&D, and realized that weapon specialization (and up) really added something to the fighter back then. Bear in mind that this feat takes into account my adjustments to the classes, and is no longer fighter only (but the fighter gets a much bigger benefit comparatively).
    Bludgeoning Focus [Fighter]

    Prerequisites:Weapon Specialization, having a bludgeoning weapon in your weapon group, Fighter level 6
    Benefits: Any time you score a critical hit with a bludgeoning weapon in your weapon group, any hit by your critical hit are sent straight back away from you 5ft per 15 damage dealt (counting weapon enchantments, sneak attack and similar effects), with a minimum of 5ft. They take an additional 1d4 damage for every 10 feet they travel, and should they hit a wall, an additional 1d6 damage for every 5 feet they would have traveled. This knockback does not prevent you from taking any melee attacks after the critical hit that you are entitled to, imagine it how you will.

    This knockback may be prevented by the target making a balance check of DC = the Fighter's attack bonus (counting all modifiers except for size). The DC is further agumented by the reverse of the creature's size bonus/penalty to attack, thus a small creature's effective attack bonus is 1 lower making larger creatures more likely to succeed. The saving creature's Balance modifier is effected similarly by size in this instance. Stable creatures receive their normal bonuses to this check.

    As an example, a Human Fighter with a +10 effective bonus to attack, hits a Gnome with a Balance modifier of +6. The gnome needs to make a Balance DC of 10, with a -1 penalty to it's roll due to size, giving it an effective +5 Balance modifier. If the fighter dealt 45 damage, The gnome would be sent back 15 feet, taking 1d4 damage from the flight due to distance. If at 10 feet the gnome hit a wall, it would take 3d6, for every 5 feet of distance it would have traveled without the wall being there.

    The fighter is free to suppress this ability at will.

    Dodge [General][Fighter][Monk][Sōhei]

    Prerequisites: Dexterity 13.
    Benefits: You receive a +1 dodge bonus to AC against one opponent you are aware of.

    For every 3 points of Attack Bonus you have, you gain another +1 dodge bonus to AC against this target. Twice your Dexterity modifier is the maximum amount of dodge bonus you may receive to your AC from this feat, not counting the initial +1. Additionally, half of your dodge bonus from this feat applies to all foes around you, not just your chosen foe.

    Piercing Focus [Fighter]

    Prerequisites: Weapon Specialization, having a piercing weapon in your weapon group, Fighter level 6
    Benefits: Every successful hit you make with a piercing weapon causes a stacking bleed effect on any victim susceptible to it. Constructs, unless powered by oil or something similar, are immune to bleeding, every other creature type has at least some members susceptible to bleeding, when it comes down to it, this is a DM's call. This bleed effect deals damage every round, and can only be stymied by a Heal check of DC = 10 + x2 the bleeding damage being taken every round), or any healing spell, which instead of healing damage on a bleeding target, first reduces the amount of bleeding damage being taken per round.

    For every 10 points of damage dealt with a successful attack (not counting damage from elemental or force-based sources, but including sources such as weapon enhancement and Sneak Attack) it gives the target 1 point of bleeding damage every round. A successful hit at minimum will give 1 point of bleeding damage regardless of damage dealt in the strike. Damage reduction does not lower bleeding damage.

    Bleeding damage takes effect on the end of the bleeding character's turn.

    As an example, A fighter strikes a gnome with a +2 Flaming Spear, dealing 6 damage + 2 enhancement, + 4 Fire. Despite the attack dealing 12 damage in all, only 8 of it is physical, thus the gnome takes 1 point of bleeding damage at the end of it's next turn, if it doesn't receive at least 1 point of magical healing, or a heal check of DC 12. After taking this assault, the gnome tries to retreat, backing into the fighter's invisible companion, who has readied an action to prevent the gnome's passage. The gnome takes 1 point of bleeding damage, and it is now the Fighters turn, which in his new flanking position, may now deal his +2d6 points of Sneak attack damage, the fighter once again gets a hit, and deals 10 damage from the roll and enhancement bonus, 3 damage from fire, and 12 damage from Sneak Attack. The gnome now starts taking an additional 2 points of bleeding damage every round, for a total of three. He requires a heal DC of 16 to fix it, or 3 points of healing from magic.

    Slashing Focus [Fighter]

    Prerequisites: Weapon Specialization, having a slashing weapon in your weapon group, Fighter level 6
    Benefits: Any time you full attack with a slashing weapon using at least 2 iterative attacks (but using all that you are capable of) and each one of those attacks hit, you gain an extra attack that automatically hits, and deals max damage, using any sources that might apply to that strike (weapon enchantments, sneak attack, etc.). This attack is still capable of scoring a critical hit, and in that case, extra damage scored there is also maximized.

    Thus, if a fighter wielding a +2 Flaming Burst, Icy Burst, Shocking Longsword with +2d6 Sneak Attack, on a non critical this would deal 8 slashing, 6 fire, 6 cold, 6 electric and 12 Sneak attack damage, for a grand total of 38 damage. On a critical hit, it would deal an extra 8 slashing, 10 fire, and 10 cold, for a total of 56 damage from the attack. Again this attack may not miss, but it may critical.

    Unarmed Focus [Fighter][Monk][Sōhei]

    Prerequisites: Weapon Specialization, have unarmed strike in your weapon group, Monk or Fighter level 6
    Benefits: At the end of a round where you attack and successfully hit with two consecutive unarmed strikes, the target must make a Fortitude Save or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. The save DC is equal to 10 + your HD + your Strength Modifier + 2 for every consecutive hit after the first 2.

    If two groups of consecutive hits are broken by a miss, the target must make two saves, this keeps similar for three or more groups of consecutive hits. Additionally these consecutive hits must all be to the same target, as it is successive strikes without giving the opponent the chance to recuperate that cause the stun.

    Weapon Focus [General][Fighter][Monk][Sōhei][Soldier]

    Prerequisites: Attack Bonus +1.
    Benefits: Choose a weapon you are proficient with, or your weapon group, you become focused in this/these weapon(s). A weapon you are focused in has a +1 bonus on all attack rolls made with it.

    Weapon Proficiency (Handguns) [General][Fighter]
    Benefits: You become proficient in all pistols and hand-cannons, forgoing non-proficiency penalties, and are able to reload them as a swift action as opposed to a move action.

    Weapon Specialization [General][Fighter][Monk][Sōhei][Soldier]

    Prerequisites: Any class that grants a weapon group of at least level 4, Weapon Focus(Weapon Group).
    Benefits: You become specialized in any weapon within a weapon group granted by a class of at least level 4. You are exceptionally skilled in a specialized weapon, conferring several benefits.

    -All attacks made with a specialized weapon receive a +2 to damage rolls.
    -On full attacks made with a specialized weapon, you may make an additional attack at your highest attack modifier, this can grant you a second iterative before you normally can have one.

    All of these are extraordinary abilities, and are not removed by receiving negative levels dropping you below 4 in a weapon group granting class, unless those negative levels become permanent.

    Special: Some classes have additional restrictions placed on their weapon groups when dealing with feats.
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