Full Name: Dr. Tobias 'Deadite' Derringer
Age: Post-Mortem
Photo: Full Body-

Close up face-

Powers: Technopathy, Regeneration*
Reason in City: Dr. Deadite volunteered to come to Metropolis to try to stop the tide of chaos. Of course, they were forcing him to go anyway. No one likes having a zombie around, especially one who can innately control machinery.
Announced Items: Medical Supplies in a Doctor's bag and a couple of scrounged tools. Oh and he always carries a needle and some strong thread.
Self Description and other Data: No one knows if he was a doctor who died and came back (through sheer willpower... no necromancy here), or a zombie that somehow graduated with honors (stupid censoring) from a highly prestigeous medical school. He doesn't talk about his past. What people do know, is that he can make computers and machinery, anything electrical, all but sit up and beg. Which makes the Government nervous (he was banned from being within 100 feet of any voting booths in the last election, fat lot of good it did, since he still voted for the other guy. Five thousand times.).
Address #: 19 Mercy Medical Plaza, Basement (the old hospital, abandoned)

*By regeneration, he can reattach severed limbs, missing organs and skin. Thread, tape or staples are usually involved.