Alias: Arty
Gender: None (Robotic Humanoid); Usually goes by Male nouns, however.
Race/Species: None (Robotic Humanoid)
Age: N/A, Machine (But was constructed just over eight months ago)
Alignment: None, but leans towards Lawful Neutral
Class/Profession: War robot, built to fight.
Power Rating: B Rank
Description: A humanoid robot, with a sleek, sophisticated design, overlaid with crude modifications and add-ons. His face is humanoid, as if emulating the ordinary people around him, but is incapable of expression.
Personality: While robotic, Arty has achieved sentience, and so may develop opinions, even morales, of his own free will. He is loyal, to a point, though if his loyalties lead him somewhere against his self-imposed ethical code they are dismissed. He wishes to understand the Human point of view, and to find a place to belong. His personality reflects this, as he is very goal-oriented.
Equipment: None.
Abilities: Well-armoured and built for combat, Arty is presently equipped with a powerful wrist-mounted plasma weapon as his primary offensive measure. The weapon is fairly slow, however, and useless against large numbers. His left hand contains an acid-spray and liquid-nitrogen tube, but he doesn't use these often, having limited supplies of the two. His body is heavily armoured, designed to resist huge amounts of damage, but he is not very mobile, working best when he can remain stationary in battle.
Able to hover if need be, he can use the same technology for short-term flight, for emergencies. He is also equipped with a teleportaion matrix for easy transport, able to move between where he is and anywhere he has been or that can be accurately pinpointed to him. He is vulnerable to magical attacks, though only having a synthetic mind and therefore being immune to mental ones. His exposed acid and liquid nitrogen tanks are still heavily armoured, but are bulky and are fairly easy targets. He can, alongside his ordinary vision mode, use thermal vision and can register seismic movement.
Backstory: Built by Sunny, a sweet-natured, emotionally damaged, agoraphobic, and technologically brilliant machine empath, for the fight against Reinholdt Prime. After he dissapeared, and Sunny began demobilizing her robot forces, giving each it's own mind and removing their weapons to refit them for other purposes, Arty chose to leave, dissapearing after getting his mind seated.
Retaining his fully functional war-built body, but confused as to his place in the world, Arty set out to find it, modifying himself to better allow him to complete his mission. Whatever that winds up being.