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    (formerly part of Erin Patricia O'Connell (I)

    Alias: Erin
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human Metahuman/Ghost Hybrid
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Affiliation: None
    Age: 5 years (post-cloning, relativistic)/...coupla days....
    Class (or approximation): Ghost hybrid; Rogue
    Profession: Arms dealer.
    Power Level: B+
    Description:(NOTE: She has blue eyes. Tekteks are being fixed - slowly.) Dressed as Sept:
    Tall and curvaceous, can change her clothes at will a khaki t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers (gray socks!). at all...
    White hair, slightly glowing green eyes, and a noticably low body temperature. Bleeds green ectoplasm.
    Personality: Hot-headed, impulsive, extroverted, caring.
    Abilities: Ectoblasts, shielding, teleportation, etc. High level spells, too.
    ...up until a few days ago WAS the Erin described here. with her backstory. But, torn with Mike's return, Erin dug out the Dup-o-Matic and zapped herself with it. 'Erin' stayed at HALO to be with Angela, while the 'new Erin', taking the name Aeryn, headed Inside, taking over the Emporium and, being rather less...wild...than the other Erin, is determined to forever be by Mike's side.
    Status: Active
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