You may recognize this from SupersITP, during the summer of this year.

Name: Amos, Javelin XIII
Age: 7
Powers: Limited Shapechanging
Reason in City: Honorable Discharge Resettlement
Announced Items: N/A
Self Description and other Data: TOP SECRET:
Appearance: Amos is about a foot long, not including his tail, with stark white, short fur and shocking green eyes. Did I mention he is a cat?
Costume:... it's an effing cat, it doesn't wear clothes.
Personallity: Amos can be annoying, but he is very affectionate and careing most of the time. Despite his years of near slavery to the United States military, Amos tells many jokes and generally acts like a cat around people he doesn't know well. Every morning he has coffee, a testament to his human characteristics.
[Experiment- I/ Target- Human/ Codename: Javelin I/ Result-Failure.]
After another eleven experiments similar to the one described above, the military succeeded in creating a 'living weapon'. The Javelin project was a pet project of the military commander Colonel James Amos. The goal was to create a being that could alter it's own structure into a weapon for use by others on the battle-field.
The first twelve experiments went terribly wrong. Then the Colonel decided to use a cat in place of a human subject after that, to spare human lives.
Javlin XIII, a.k.a. Amos (named after the Colonel), was the first successful living weapon. After an undisclosed incident in the South Pacific, Colonel Amos found it fit to give Amos the Feline an honorable discharge for his services to the American people, shortly after which he was relocated to Metropolis.
Communication: Javelin XIII has the ability to commune mind-to-mind with any sentient creature within eye sight of him. The target may commune back, as simple as if it were via a telephone. Javelin XIII's voice (inside the target's head), sound like that of a seven-year old boy.
Alteration: Javelin XIII can turn into a 7 foot long spear at will, the same color as his fur. The spear cannot operate without a wielder, however. The majority of the spear is carved ornately with the likeness of an albino panther. The spear is exceptionally light-weight, and can be used as a, no pun intended, javelin. The spear is suprisingly durable for it's weight, but any damage done to the spear breakage of shaft, blade, etc.) will cause damage to Amos when he reverts back to cat mode.
Intelligence: For a seven-year old cat, Amos is suprisingly intelligent, with an IQ slightly above average for an adult human.

Address #: N/A