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    Full Name: Johan Ericksen a.k.a. Mach 1.
    Age: 20 - looks 30.
    (He's Danish BTW.)
    Powers: His metabolism is about 50% faster than a normal human. This results in super-speed and amazing reaction time, but he ages more quickly and must consume large amounts of food. (He's quiiiick.)
    Reason in City: He had hundreds of delinquent speeding tickets, on foot. He spent all the money he was making on food and basic needs, and couldn't pay them. (Working as a delivery boy now.)
    Announced Items: (nothing upon entering city) A metal pipe and specialized impact sneakers.
    Self Description and other Data: Ilikesthepizza. Itisyummy. Lotso'carbsoI canrun.
    Address #: Currently Couch surfing

    Backstory: Johan was born strange. He grew up physically very quickly but in all ways seemed otherwise normal. At first doctors diagnosed him with mild Werner's syndrome, but in high school it quickly became clear that something else was going on. He had always been preternaturally quick and so he joined his school's track program, but once he began to purposely train to run he gained ridiculous amounts of speed. He quit the track team and tried to hide his powers but eventually they became obvious. Now he runs the streets of Metro. He has continued to develop his powers and had taken parkour to incredible levels. He heals quickly and develops muscle mass easily, but he knows that time can't be outraced and it will catch up someday, soon.
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