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    Full Name: Sergeant Markus Armstrong
    Age: 37
    Photo: N/A
    Powers: Bone Manipulation, Healing Factor
    Bone Manipulation:
    Can alter skeletal form to protrude bone spikes from skin. He can create knuckle spikes, spears, bolts and can even shoot the spikes at high velocity from his body. He can also cause the spikes to grow out of his torso in a defensive porcupine sort of way. His bones are also slightly denser and harder than normal human bone.
    Healing Factor:
    As bones grow through is skin and leave holes they heal themselves up. He also seems to be slightly more resistant to falls and blunt force trauma. This is odd because he is still susceptible to everything else and wounds caused by things other than his bones seem to take just below average healing time.
    Reason in City: Turned self in to the MP when he realized what he was.
    Announced Items: Case of cigars, lighter, 2 military uniforms, 1 pair of civilian clothes.
    Self Description and other Data: Grizzled old military veteran. Already has a few gray hairs poking in at the young age of 37. About six foot three, broad and muscular with black hair. Usually wearing a torn up old military uniform and smoking a cigar, bad habit but it helps him deal with stuff.
    Address #: N/A
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