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    Metropolis Metahuman Database, File TH#1138-42A

    Full Name: Khiansa Sokolova
    DoB: 29-Feb-████ (Age 17)

    Photograph taken post capture.
    • Constantly produces complex organic compounds of unknown composition - studied samples show similarities to pheromones secreted by a number of animal species, only much more complicated. Secreted pheromones have demonstrated minor mind altering - even hallucinogenic - effects when inhaled or absorbed through skin contact. Exact effect of pheromones vary - suspected to be result of conscious act of will on part of subject. For full list of displayed effects to date please refer to File #124T. Subject is seemingly immune to the effects of produced chemicals
    • Subject has displayed ability to render himself, and an additional mass of roughly 100 kg, intangible and able to pass through solid objects. Subject is not capable of remaining intangible for a duration longer than he can hold breath, and has displayed no ability to date of being able to pass through, or render intangible, materials with a density of more than 10
      ((Density limitation confirmed as of Test #1267B, following Incident #52A. Heh. Who would have known that we put lead inside of our bullets these days?))

    Reason in City: Prisoner
    Announced Items: Clothing. All other items confiscated upon capture.
    Self Description and Other Data:
    • Constantly wears heavy winter clothing, even indoors. ((Um... duh? It is winter. Maybe you haven't noticed, but it's freezing this time of year.))
    • Due to unusual biochemistry, subject has demonstrated increased susceptibility to a variety of foreign substances, including alcohol, nicotine, sedatives, anesthetics, painkillers, narcotics, hallucinogens, antidepressants and the like. ((For full list please refer to the results Test #1267C)). In case of medical emergency, it is recommended that medical professionals administer no more than one-third of standard dosages, even if ((Hell, especially if)) lowered dosage does not produce adequate results. ((We're serious here. DON'T DO IT.))

    Address #: Currently homeless.

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