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    Full Name: Nikodem Augustyn Bojarski, Alias: Slick

    Age: 22

    Photo: Nope.

    Powers: No friction. He has to wear double layers and be very aware of his center of gravity, since anything he touches loses its friction for some unspecified amount of time (it wears off at the speed of plot, I figure). He mostly uses it to slide around and be difficult to catch, but he can also use it to make blows a lot more glancing, or as an attack to make people fall down. Since he's a dimwit, there are plenty of applications for this that he hasn't thought of, and I'm wanting his powers to develop into including lots of other things. He just needs to actually practice and such.

    Reason in City: Being a horrible mutant. He tried to hide his powers but failed horribly on the second day and was turned in by a football teammate.

    Announced Items: Large backpack filled with changes of clothes, a GameBoy and, tragically, only a couple of games, photos of family and friends, that the evil government snickered while taking him away from, a wallet filled with as much cash as his parents could spare him. Unannounced Items: A longknife and a grappling hook and rope that he scrounged up after being tossed inside.

    Self Description and other Data: Tallish, gangly, but a decent amount of athleticism rounds that out a bit, brown eyes that lack much fire, short and ruffly brown hair, some kind of black body sheath under your average t-shirt and jeans, two pairs of gloves, a black bandana that he thinks makes him look pretty cool.

    Address #: In a refrigerator box in some tunnel in the Metropolis Travel Network.

    Personality: Fairly dim, but is idiotically idealistic and loves the idea of using his powers to become a comic book hero. He'd prefer hanging out with the younger crowd. While around older types, he'd try to keep up an insolent and indolent demeanor, but he'd be fairly easy to cow.

    Backstory: Born to Lech's family (a character eight characters up the page) as a younger brother for the guy, he hadn't had much of a chance to make this an interesting backstory. What he considers to be his tragic backstory, though, is that he was really into football, was on a team at his high school and was pretty much set on becoming a professional, but when he developed his power, he found that friction is quite useful for sports (as well as other, less important stuff). Quite mortified, he tried a few excuses for why he seemed to have lost his interest in it, but a rival player easily figured out that he was some kind of messed up mutant, and the guy turned him in, making a large deal about how he could have somehow been sabotaging people's games. Parting with his family was tearful, but, being some kind of idiotic optimist, this guy is plenty excited about being off on his own.

    Miscellaneous: For powers to be developed ---> Super friction, giving him the ability to slow himself down more easily, as well as to just stick people or things in place. Later, the ability to mess with other things from physics class. Decreasing something's mass, to pretend like he has super strength. Stuff like that.
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