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Thread: Star Trek RPG

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    Default Star Trek RPG

    I know a few exist. But my gaming store only has a few of the books and none of them the core type books. Does anyone know any other Star Trek systems becides decipher's or anywhere i can get Decipher's?
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    Default Re: Star Trek RPG

    As far as I know, no Star Trek RPG ist currently in print. Maybe, you will have more luck with used rulebooks.

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    Default Re: Star Trek RPG

    I have one of the core books, actually. I'm not sure which one, and I can't really find out right now because I'm not at home. Also, I do not have internet at home. I'll try to update with the name sometime.

    EDIT: Let me specify some more, they are part of a D&D style game, set in the time period of, I think, the first or second show. There's ships, crew, pretty much everything.
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    Default Re: Star Trek RPG

    What do you want to do with Star Trek? Star Fleet Battles has rules for ship-to-ship combat, although somewhat complicated and convoluted.
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    Default Re: Star Trek RPG

    You also might consider GURPS. While it won't have any Star Trek specific setting material, if you get the Space book you should be able to run that style of sci-fi pretty well.
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    Default Re: Star Trek RPG

    ADB still listsPrime Directives D20 for sale one their website. Not sure if that is current or not.

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