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Thread: Expansion?

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    Default Expansion?

    Is there any word when the expansion will be released or if it's even still coming. I know awhile back there was one in planning, but then word about it kind of faded and I stopped coming to the forums for a bit. Just making sure I didn't miss anything.

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    Default Re: Expansion?

    It hasn't been mentioned since mid August 2007.
    Here's the announcement:

    This news post is all about GenCon and the events therein, so if you're not going to GenCon, feel free to stop reading right now. There won't be anything here that interests you. OK? OK.

    Ever since my announcement that I would not be attending, I've been trying to Officially Cancel certain events that GITP was sponsoring, to no avail. So far, no one from GenCon event registration has answered my emails requesting that they be taken off the schedule. Now, here, on the very eve of the convention, I am forced to admit the probability that at least some gamers will be showing up to events that are still listed as happening but, in fact, are not. I therefore will attempt to inform anyone who isn't already on a plane to the convention what events have been canceled, what events have been altered, and what events are full steam ahead.

    The following events have been canceled:

    * Return to Redmountain Hills (RPG00607 and RPG00608) If you purchased tickets, you should try to get a refund when you get to GenCon.
    * The Order of the Stick Rides Again (SEM00065) Obviously, since I won't be there, the seminar in which I sit on stage and answer questions will be somewhat less interesting.

    The following events are not canceled:

    * Erfworld: The Seminaw (SEM00067) Rob Balder will be in attendance, though Jamie has bowed out. Location: Embassy Suites Hotel, Chancellor I.
    * Order of the Stick Adventure Game: The Shortening! (BGM00121, BGM00122, BGM00125, and BGM00126) Kevin from APE Games will be on hand to showcase our first OOTS board game expansion (more details on that later in the week). Location: Indiana Convention Center, 500 Ballroom, Board Game HQ.

    The following events are significantly changed:

    * Ultra-Mega-Superstars of Gaming Webcomics (SEM00083) This panel features Rob Balder of Erfworld, Tarol Hunt of Goblins, Aaron Williams of Nodwick, and Phil Foglio of Girl Genius, but alas, not Rich Burlew of OOTS. I strongly urge you to go listen anyway if you have any interest in comics whatsoever. Location: Westin Hotel, Grand I.
    * Order of the Stick Adventure Game: The Linear Guild (BGM00123 and BGM00124) APE will still be on hand to run these events, but the planned Linear Guild expansion is still in early playtesting phase, without a scrap of art to its name (thanks largely to my illness). As a result, these events are being spontaneously converted to The Shortening! sessions, allowing more people to get a preview of the new set. Location: Indiana Convention Center, 500 Ballroom, Board Game HQ.

    Also, Rob Balder will be sharing a booth with Tarol Hunt in the Exhibitor Hall, where they will have a variety of merchandise from their respective comics as well as a nice pile of OOTS books that I've sent along. If you're having trouble finding Start of Darkness (or, for that matter, any of the OOTS books) in your local gaming store, Rob will have them on sale there. Look for the booth assigned simply to "Goblins".

    Thanks again, and I hope to see all of you fans next year at the convention.

    Does this help?
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    Default Re: Expansion?

    I am also curious if there will in fact be any expansion games and if so when we should expect they should come out. I know I've read about the Quickening and the Linear Guild versions, but the only mentions have been about various play-testing despite waiting for a couple of years now. Are we still holding out hope that these expansions are in the works?

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    Default Re: Expansion?

    i have the same question
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    Default Re: Expansion?

    I remember Rich saying that he was not going to start any new projects a little while ago, instead work on finishing what was on his plate. I wonder if the shortening or the expansion is something that would be completed. I also wonder if Rich would give an update to these questions, even if it's to say "don't expect anything in the near future."

    I love the game, and I can't wait for more material!

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