Theme: Items for hit-and-run styled combat in the woods.

The fluff comes from my homebrew campaign world, Darelle, which is based off of Pacific Northwest Native Culture. The elves there are longtime refugees (four elven generations) from their homeland which suffers political strife. Because of their low birthrates and long lifespans, elves in Darelle have developped hit and run styled tactics to minimize their own casualties. Without further ado, items of the darellan elves:

Elves on the continent of Darelle are refugees from their homeland across the ocean. Darellan elves rejected the oppressive regime that had taken over, especially its lack of respect for the nationís natural spaces. Out of a mutual agreement, the elves left for the wild, unexplored, verdant woodlands of Darelleís west coast.

Clansword of the Shariantha
The natives of Darelle- Tadlins, Kenku, Gnomes, Orcs, and humans- had no knowledge of metalworking, and the strong druidic traditions of the exiled elves counseled against bringing metal mines to the people of Darelle. However, each clan held tightly to their elven roots and trained all their children in the art of the sword as well as the art of the bow.
As such, each sword brought to Darelle during the exile became an important relic of the elven clans. Handled by every elf in their respective tribe, the swords represented the clan as a whole. Clanswords, always wielded by the heroes of their respected clans, are all enchanted, some powerfully.
One such item is the Clansword of the Shariantha. The heritage of generations of elves belonging to the Shariantha clan, the sword is designed to be wielded by a great leader in order to lead a small team of elves on precision hit-and run attacks. The sword itself is rather unassuming, with no decorations or embellishments on it whatsoever.
The Clansword of the Shariantha functions as a +4 longsword with the following special ability: As a once per day as a full round action, the bearer of this sword can grant a boon to herself and up to six other willing creatures. Creatures under this boon receive a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, and skill checks. If they so wish, they may be affected by a silence spell, which may be dispelled by themselves or the wielder at any time as a free action. The wield of this sword may, once per round, send a single mental message to as many creatures under the boon she so desires. These missives can be heard only by their intended targets, and can be transmitted and heard even in areas affected by silence. This boon lasts for ten minutes.
The Clansword of the Shariantha only functions as magical for a Shariantha clan elf, or for one serving the Shariantha clan. Otherwise it acts as a nonmagical masterwork longsword.
Strong transmutation; CL 16th; Craft Arms and Armor; Whispering Wind, Heroism, Silence, creator must be an elf; Price 121600

Arbutusweave Armor
Crafted from woven arbutus tree leaves, these suits were designed to allow elves to fight in a style imitating an arbutus leaf, silently falling to float on the water.
Arbutusweave Armor functions as +2 studded leather armor, with the following special abilities: The wearer gets a +2 enhancement bonus to move silently checks, in order to imitate the silence of a leaf falling to the ground. The wearer may walk on water as per the spell Water Walk once per day, as a leaf floats gently on water. The wearer may glide for up to six rounds per day. These rounds need not be consecutive. Gliding works only when at least ten feet off the ground. A gliding wearer only travels downwards by 10 feet in a round, and moves 40 ft in a horizontal single direction. Distance traveled downwards by a gliding wielder does not count towards falling damage.
Faint transmutation; CL 5th; Craft Arms and Armor, Water Walk, Feather Fall, creator must be an elf; Price 10775. Weight 20 lb.

Boots of Ascention
These boots appear to be nothing more than well maintained but well used hiking boots. Designed to allow Darellan elves to quickly retreat into the canopy, Boots of Ascention can, three times per day as a free action, grand a +10 competence to jump checks made to jump vertically. Jump checks made in this manner count as if the jumper has a running start.
Faint transmutation; CL 5th; Craft Wonderous Item, Jump, creator must be an elf; Price 6,200. Weight 1lb.

Rod of the Bough
These rods were designed for the elves of Darelle who, even with the help of Boots of Ascention, cannot reach the boughs of trees with their own strength. It is most commonly wielded by elven wizards and druids.
The rod, which otherwise resembles and functions as a +1 club can create a bough where none exist. When placed perpendicular to a tree trunk of at least 8 inches in diameter and the command word is spoken, the Rod of the Bough transforms into a bough that is as long as the longest bough on the tree under 10ft. This bough is capable of holding 1000 pounds. The second effect is that the rod causes many other boughs and branches to temporarily sprout from the tree to conceal the wielder. A second command word cancels this effect, and the rod falls to the ground.
These branches always look natural to the tree, but if the bough is placed less than six feet off the ground, a DC 5 survival check from a passerby reveals that something is amiss.
Moderate transmutation; CL 10th; Craft Rod, treeshape, creator must be an elf, Price 21,300

Arrows of Escape
These arrows, made of new green wood, are emergency tools for when the elves of Darelle are in turn ambushed. They are not shot at the enemies, but instead at their feet. Upon hitting a solid surface, these arrows cast entangle centered on their location. This spell has a DC of 11, lasts for one minute, and does not affect elves. Darellan elves use the time bought by these arrows to retreat into hiding and setup a counter-ambush.
Faint transmutation; CL 5th; Craft Arms and Armor, entangle, creator must be an elf. Price 100.