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    Default Thunderspire Labyrinth revision

    I'm about to run Thunderspire Labyrinth for my D&D group. The previous DM ran Keep on the Shadowfell. He's now wanting to play 4e, so that left me as the de facto DM.

    The problem I am running into is this: Initially, he was going to run Thunderspire Labyrinth. This means that he's read it (a couple of times). I would therefore like to make some small changes to it.

    What kind of changes did you guys make to the adventure? Or do you have any suggestions for creative ways to go about it?

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    Default Re: Thunderspire Labyrinth revision

    Glad I got in early, since my DM probably doesn't want me reading any more posts in this thread (we're currently crawling our way through the labyrinth, ourselves).

    1) Change the identity of the werewolf, and perhaps even his form of lycanthropy.

    2) Mix up load-outs of various encounter groups. Instead of X number of grunts and Y number of Magician-types, use X+2 grunts and Y-1 magician types... keep the levels the same, but change things.

    3) Move secret passages and important personages. Maybe named-bad-guy X is in a different room, or a certain creature is roaming free, instead of chained up. Heck, put the creature that's in the eye-shrine into the main room, controlled by a chain from above. To get into it, they have to get past the creature, whose barking may alert those inside to get ready. Makes it harder, and gives a bit more of a challenge. I'll PM you a bit about that.

    4) When breaking the lycanthropy, change the nature of the traps and how the curse is broken. Maybe add a room in the back where they have to go into, and make the traps function a bit differently to avoid him being able to figure things out.
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    Default Re: Thunderspire Labyrinth revision

    Quick note on Mark Hall's lycanthropy comments (I'm the DM who's game he's in):

    I did a lot with the werewolf, moreso than is actually in the module. Some of it was from the issue of dragon that outlined the side quests, but a lot of it I made up (including having it kill a PC who wasn't going to be able to play anymore. Yay for revenge quests!)

    A thing I noticed a couple of times (we've only done the first two parts of the adventure: The Bloodreavers and the Duegar) was that a lot of these enemies get repetitive. I mean, the party battled a lot of bugbears in the chamber of eyes, and half a million duegar in the Horned Hold. Part of this was that we have a slightly larger than average party, so I increased the number of enemies in some encounters (and me, being a lazy DM, didn't go looking for new enemies, but just added another duegar or bugbear). I'd advise changing out a few of these creatures for monsters if you can (the duegar & demon battle was significantly better than if you simply had all duegar).

    Also, I'll warn you. Those Duegar theurges, when used properly, are evil. Really, really evil. Blinding the party, knocking them down, dazing them... it made things much more difficult for them.

    Overall, I liked this adventure much more when I ran it, as opposed to when I read it. (which is actually the reverse for KotS. It didn't play out quite like I had hoped).

    That being said, I think the party is going to be moving away from the pre-published stuff, so I can't really comment on the last half of the module.

    Final note: Make good use of the Kobald begger/informant (can't remember his name. Starts with a "C" I think). I really enjoyed everytime he came into the scene, especially when he tried to rip off the party. Multiple times.


    I suppose I could also do a better job actually answering your questions.

    Mark Hall's comments were dead on. change people's locations, change secret passages... Heck, change out entire map layouts. Switch NPC names and motivations (particularly for the particular Mage of Saruun that comes into play for the 2nd half). Play up some of the side quests (particularly if you feel like creating your own stuff, or simply use the extra stuff that was in that one issue of dragon), and downplay others.
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