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    Default Your Homebrew Campaign

    Lets hear about it.

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    Default Re: Your Homebrew Campaign

    D&D, Satyr Edition: The Wane of Magic:
    Magic is not a static force, but comes in ebbs and tides. In an age of a magic high tide, everything seems possible and even the least important thrall learns a spell or two, and in an age of a magic ebb, magicians are not born anymore, magic becomes harder to learn and to channel.

    The last magical tide age persisted for over six hundred years and let to a massive political shift in the campaing setting - the complete continent was ruled by either magocracies or theocracies, the powerful spellcasters also were the ruling class. A long time of a magic tide has always lead to a long magical ebb, and the different magocratic regimes did fear for all of their power when the magic high time were over, so they tried to come up with a ritual to elongate the magical tide.

    The ritual worked for more than fifty years, but collapsed then with devastating result - the collapse of the magic powers is much faster than it ever was, and much crasser as well - there are wandering fogs which makes magic completely impossible and it seems that the rituals of the Magicians has lead to the ultimate disappearance of magic altogether in the future.
    The world is in social turmoil - the magocratic and theocratic regimes crumble and are conquered with sword and flame. Magical items, once created for every opportunity and situation flutter and fail. The old network of teleporter stones has turned into a deathtrap and the dependence on magic for the maintaince of the infrastructure has lead to poverty and famines. This is a new dark age. And the player characters are right in the middle of it.
    The focus of the campaign moves between relief and new possibilities for those who are eager to take them (the age of free will, instead of magic) and melancholy about the destruction of the greatest achievements in culture and arts.

    The campaign setting is pretty much adapted to the massive homebrewing of the rules we did back then. The emphasis of the rules was much stronger on indiviual strengths and heroics and much less on collecting magical loot and solving all problems with the right spell. The individual character is much stronger than his or her regular D&D counterpart, but owns a lot less magical items and spells. All in all, it is pretty much D&D as we thought it should be, both rulewise and backgroundwise.
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    Default Re: Your Homebrew Campaign

    I had one campaign setting written once, on another forum, although in german. I had some others working on it with me, but they all left, so it died.

    Short version:

    Some thousand years ago, a powerful wizard on the mortal plane opened a portal to the abyss, to release an army, with the goal of destroying his competitors for the titel of supreme archmage. However, when a demon lord came through along with the rest of the troops, he lost control over the spell, barely managing to seal the portal again, but only for exactly one year.
    He spent this year researching a method of saving the mortal plane from demon invaders and came up with one method: a more powerful version of the Genesis spell, with the goal of creating small, absolutely safe deminplanes in the Ethereal for the mortals to live in. He developed the spell and cast it at the cost of his life, giving all powerful spellcasters on the mortal plane the possibility to create one demiplane to their liking, and spreading the message of what would happen in less than a month.
    In the last 900 years, the mortal folks have lived on these demiplanes, pretty much in isolation. The planes were created in a fashion that only those who knew specific key phrases or other facts, along with meeting other conditions, was allowed in. Along with travel in the Aether being slow and dangerous, these demiplanes became mostly isolated, while the Tanar'ri laid waste to the mortal plane and used the remaining "primitive species" as fodder for the blood war.
    But then, a little less than 100 years ago, a gnomish artificer invented the Aethership, a vessel capable of sailing on the so called Aetherwinds, which, until then, were never seen or felt, because they interact only with a specific material, a kind of silk, from which the sails of the ships are made.
    He soon managed to sail to and discover some of the nearby worlds, reopening them for trade, but hundreds of small demiplans, most of them only a few miles in diameter, are still unexplored.
    New factions were formed, including the Shipwright's guild, the only ones capable of building ships and using this to maintain a trade and transportation monopoly, only broken by a few pirates and explorers who stole or bought ships, respectively.

    So, a pirate setting in the Ethereal plane. Including Nathri in the role of both angry, aggressive natives and pirates, storms, monsters, unexplored worlds and so on. 'twas a nice setting.
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