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Thread: Braxats

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    Default Braxats

    Aside from the MM2, I have seen extremely little of the noteworthy monsters.
    Has anyone had any noteworthy experience or knowlegde with/about them?
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    Default Re: Braxats

    Evidently, they're from the old Dark Sun campaign setting. Since I've never even seen a Dark Sun book, even one of the novels, I'm afraid I can't help you.
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    Default Re: Braxats

    I think it was introduced in Dark Sun as a hommage to the artist Tom (?) Baxa who was mostly repsonsible for the development of larger parts of the setting's aesthetics. In Dark Sun, they were not only noteworthy enemies, but also the source of one of the best armors in game (few magical items, no metal armors). So, if you had survived long enough, Braxat hunting wa actually worth it.

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    Default Re: Braxats

    Well, when my party built an animated tank (Armored wago with a turret + permenancy animate objects), we decided to name it after the first thing we killed with it, which happened to be some Braxats that we killed mostly be ramming with said tank. So we called it "The Brax"
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