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    Default PC with frightful presence?

    I remember someone named a feat (and the source) which gave this ability or i am mad? MAD!
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    Default Re: PC with frightful presence?

    Draconomicon page 106

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    Default Re: PC with frightful presence?

    There are about three or four that I can recall.

    Dreadful Wrath in Players Guide to Faerun, which is a regional feat.

    Two in Draconomicon, Awaken Frightful Presence isn't really meant for normal PCs though, and is in the DM's section. The other is in the player's section.

    Draconic Presence in Races of the Dragon, which requires you to be sorceror 1.

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    Default Re: PC with frightful presence?

    The feat Frightful Presence is not exactly Frightful Presence, but still very good, especially for somebody who stacks on fear effects with never outnumbered + intimidate.
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    Default Re: PC with frightful presence?

    There are also about a dozen prestige classes that offer various Fear effects, and half a dozen different spells and magic items. You can also buy a draconic graft (Races of the Dragon).

    Remember, Fear effects stack (unless otherwise specified). So try and get 2-3 different Fear effects and use them together. But note that Fear effects are most effective at low levels for Cha based builds (which is almost always what the Save DC is based off of). At higher levels, the vast majority of enemies will either be immune to it or have a high Will Save.

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