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    Default [4e] Skill Challenges in PbP games?

    Ok, some background about myself first:

    I have never played DnD face to face, and have only really started playing this year. I am however playing in 2 PbP games, one here and one on Mythweavers, and may be joining a third soon.

    I also have an interest in DMing, and to that end I'm reading everything I can in the books. I can improvise, but I operate best when I understand what I'm doing. I hope to eventually start the first Scales of War adventure, when I feel I have a better grasp on the basics, and the games are helping with that.

    However, I have a specific question here. I'm trying to figure out how a skill challenge would be handled in a PbP game. Would it be announced in the OOC thread and then rolled and role-played accordingly? Does the DM tell the players what skills are used?

    Basically, I'm asking how you have seen skill challenges handled in play by post games, and did that method work well?
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    Default Re: [4e] Skill Challenges in PbP games?

    As I've never DMed a skill challenge the best thing I can do is link you to a skill challenge in a game I'm in right now.

    Link to Skill Challenge

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