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    Default Re: Fan Comic General Discussion

    Hello. I'm thinking about starting a fan comic. Aside from the fact that I haven't decided on what to make my fan comic about yet, I'm wondering about what I should make the size of my fan comic pages. Around 800 x 1000?

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    Default Re: Fan Comic General Discussion

    After messing around randomly for the first few comics, mine are now regularised at 1414x2000 in the original, and now I'm producing a smaller version for the forum at 1000x1414 - these ratios selected because they mean each page will fit a portrait A4 sheet in case I ever want to print them :)

    Hope you do make one - always nice to see more stuff!
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    Default Re: Fan Comic General Discussion

    Best thread on this forum.

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    Question Re: Fan Comic General Discussion

    Can I post my comics here??
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