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    Default Re: Fan Comic General Discussion

    Hello. I'm thinking about starting a fan comic. Aside from the fact that I haven't decided on what to make my fan comic about yet, I'm wondering about what I should make the size of my fan comic pages. Around 800 x 1000?

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    Default Re: Fan Comic General Discussion

    After messing around randomly for the first few comics, mine are now regularised at 1414x2000 in the original, and now I'm producing a smaller version for the forum at 1000x1414 - these ratios selected because they mean each page will fit a portrait A4 sheet in case I ever want to print them :)

    Hope you do make one - always nice to see more stuff!
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    Question Re: Fan Comic General Discussion

    Can I post my comics here??
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    Default Re: Fan Comic General Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by SusanDarwin View Post
    Can I post my comics here??
    The same question

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    Default Re: Fan Comic General Discussion

    The fancomics section is highly moderated, since during the heyday of the forums fancomics used to be quite numerous and needed constant vetting. As the stickied guidelines thread suggests, all threads created here require moderator approval to appear, and at least one comic in the main post to start off.

    Historically approval has taken anywhere from a couple days to several weeks, and I assume that depends on moderator workload behind the scenes. The subforum isn't anywhere near as active as it used to be and I suspect these things sometimes slip through the cracks. If you're really concerned about it like I was, I was told to message one of the subforum mods about it, which did the trick for me.
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